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27 Percent of Millennials Would Date a Robot

Millennials get picked on a lot. It’s not completely unwarranted, mind you. Millennials have some attitudes that just have to be mocked.

However, the latest regarding millennials may not be as mock-worthy as it sounds, once you consider how terrible their dating scene has become.

According to The Daily Mail, 27 percent of all millennials feel that it would be normal to form relationships — both romantic or otherwise — with digital denizens. Unsurprisingly, men are three times more likely to do so.

Honestly, anyone shocked by this clearly hasn’t been paying attention. The millennial generation is policed by a virtual minefield of words, phrases, and comments that aren’t permissible, and these change from day to day. What’s offensive today will be embraced and “owned” by a “marginalized” group tomorrow. You just can’t keep up.

When it comes to relationships, millennial men find themselves in a situation where it’s entirely possible to engage in a consensual sexual encounter, only to see it called rape later on. There are multiple instances where this has happened on college campuses, and even if the men are exonerated, they suffer negative ramifications.

Robots, however, aren’t likely to care about any of that.

If they’re programmed for providing pleasure and maybe hold a decent conversation, that’s all most guys need. Hell, for some guys, the conversation is optional. The same survey of 12,000 people of various ages worldwide found that 20 percent of men prefer their virtual world of social media to the real one.

Some are campaigning against sexbots already, claiming they contribute to “rape culture.” It seems likely that these claims will fall on deaf ears. Especially when it seems likely that men will use these bots to avoid sexual assault allegations.

It remains to be seen if a robot will ever be able to become fully independent, and able to adopt the latest opinions about social justice. All I’m going to say about that is “thank God I’m married.”