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Conspiracist Claims the Moon Is a Hoax To Hide the Existence of Nibiru

When it comes to conspiracy theories, there are some insane ones out there. From claims that the moon landing was faked to claims that all mass shootings are false flag operations, conspiracy theory runs the gamut.

However, there’s now one conspiracy theory that may be the most insane one yet. Are you ready for it?

The moon is … fake.

The Express has a story about a man named Matt Rogers who believes the moon is a hoax designed by NASA to hide the existence of Nibiru, also known as Planet X. Rogers also apparently believes the sun is fake as well. He believes both are reflectors, and the sky is full of chemicals designed to obscure the planet’s approach.

In fairness to Mr. Rogers, he’s not saying there is no moon, just that the moon we see right now is part of some elaborate ruse designed to keep people in the dark regarding … Nibiru.

The Nibiru thing started in the 1970s, when author Zecharia Sitchin claimed that both the Babylonians and the Sumerians believed a giant planet named Nibiru orbited the sun. Sitchin also believed that Sumeria was settled by aliens. Unfortunately, Nibiru is supposedly heading our way, and will allegedly cause the poles to shift. And this will lead to death and destruction almost on the level of Nancy Pelosi’s conspiracy theory about the GOP tax reform bill.

It’s just amazing how some folks can observe just about anything, and — rather than look for a rational explanation — believe that powerful governments somehow pulled it off.

Remember, our particular government failed to successfully launch a freaking website. It can’t even successfully hide sexual harassment by its members. It tried to hide emails by beating phones with a hammer.

So building a fake moon to hide a coming Armageddon seems a bit beyond its capabilities.