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University to Place 400 Cameras on Campus to Catch 'Hate Crimes'

Photo by: Silas Stein/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Westfield State University apparently has a problem — and it isn’t the one it thinks it’s addressing.

Recently, there have been a number of alleged hate crimes at the university. Most of the incidents — if those who filed reports can be trusted, something you can’t take for granted by any means — would be virtually impossible to solve without a witness coming forward.

So the school is looking to install hundreds of security cameras:

Westfield State University will soon install 400 security cameras after a spree of alleged hate and bias incidents has prompted unrest and protests at the Massachusetts campus.

The board of trustees held a special meeting last week to approve the measure.

The university has published a log that itemizes the incidents that have prompted the unrest. There have been about two dozen incidents logged since September.

The vast majority of the incidents are racists notes slipped under students’ doors or left in mailboxes, as well as racist vandalism and racial slurs “overheard” by others. Some anti-Semitic graffiti has also been reported.

As for the “overheard” slurs, most of these are by nature going to be judgment calls. It’s one thing to threaten someone while using a slur, but a far different situation to have the conversations of your sons and daughters being monitored for language or ideas. And we all know that conversations criticizing Christianity or conservatism are often part of coursework, while criticizing Islam, feminism, or Leftism on camera is going to get students in hot water.

As for notes under the door, let’s be clear here: there have been many cases lately where activists have faked hateful notes or graffiti only to have the hoax later revealed.

The university will spend a great deal of money to install cameras. What’s probably going to happen?

The racist incidents will stop completely, or hoaxers will get caught. Then, the campus will become a rather terrifying place to open one’s mouth, as private conversations and innocent behavior are monitored 24/7 by politicized peeping Toms.