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Lena Dunham Experiences the World She's Helped Create

(Photo by Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP, File)

Lena Dunham is a proud liberal feminist (but I repeat myself). She’s pontificated on a lot of issues, and always from the leftist perspective. One perfect example was this tweet:

Now, we know for a fact that some women actually do lie about rape, but that didn’t matter. She claimed that women don’t lie about rape.

Until she claimed they did. All it took is for someone she knew to be accused of sexual assault, after all. It was as if in a single moment, she found that it was entirely possible for a man to be accused of sexual assault and it not to be true.

Too bad for her that she lives in a world she helped create, which is why one of the writers for Lenny Letter, a feminist site created by Dunham, is walking — and not pulling her punches against Dunham on her way out the door.

Zinzi Clemmons claims that she’s known Dunham since college and that the Girls star is a “well-known racist.”

Clemmons argues that while she and Dunham had overlapping social circles, she “avoided those people like the plague because of their racism.” She added, “I’d call their strain ‘hipster-racism,’ which typically uses sarcasm as a cover.”

None of that stopped Clemmons from working at the feminist site, however, so clearly it couldn’t have been that bad. But it was Dunham’s response to accusations against Girls writer Murray Miller that served as the straw that broke the camel’s back. “As a result of Lena Dunham’s statements, I have decided that I will no longer write for Lenny Letter. For all you writers who are outraged about what she did, I encourage you to do the same. Especially women of color,” Clemmons wrote.

It’s hard to feel bad that Dunham’s being criticized, however. This is the world she and people like her helped create, a world where any and all accusations must be treated as factual, regardless of your personal knowledge of the situation.

Her tweet this summer made her position clear, yet the moment the finger was pointed at one in her circle, she immediately did what she blasts others for. Yes, a hypocritical liberal. Who knew?

Seriously, Dunham is getting what is inevitable for every high-profile social justice warrior. Sooner or later, they’ll say something wrong. At that point, the feeding frenzy will begin as their own turn on them. Liberal cannibalism is hilarious, mind you, but it solves little.

But it’s also illustrative of just how intolerant they can be. Even their allies can be enemies with a poorly worded comment, and that’s what they want for the world.