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SNL Wastes No Time Going After Roy Moore...But Harvey Weinstein?

Harvey Weinstein Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference, Idaho, USA - 12 Jul 2017 (Rex Features via AP Images)

Part of what made Saturday Night Live such a vibrant part of the American political ecosystem was the fact that it went after everyone. Democrat and Republican alike were fair game for the SNL crowd.

So why, then, should anyone get worked up over SNL‘s cold open on Saturday?

Why? After all, it’s funny, right? As a Georgia boy, I got a chuckle at the Alabama digs. It went on a little long and the Jeff Sessions stuff fell flat, but the first bit was amusing enough.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that SNL wasted no time in going after Moore–a legitimate target, in my opinion–but said nothing about Harvey Weinstein until several weeks after allegations surfaced. Why? Because Weinstein was part of a favored class, one of the Hollywood elite. It was a professional courtesy to leave him alone in the early days, a courtesy only lifted after late-night television was lambasted for its silence.

I have no problem with the Not Ready For Prime-Time Players slapping the Alabama Republican around a bit. What I have a problem with is the hypocrisy in going after Moore as soon as the news breaks, but leaving their tribe alone until the outrage was too deafening to ignore.