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Professor Wants to Destroy 'Whitestream Intellectual Habits'

By now, we get it. Race-baiting professors are convinced the entire system is rigged against minorities and will use any and all opportunities to argue such. If possible, they’ll publish these arguments in journals so they can pretend their racially charged screeds are somehow legitimate.


The latest example comes from a professor at the University of Texas. James Jupp is a professor of critical white studies who thinks that too much of K-12 education is racist or something.

From Campus Reform:

Such knowledge, Jupp explains, “refers to Whitestream subject area content and related whitened intellectual habits that form the basis of much mainstream learning and teaching in U.S. schools.”

Jupp then cites K-12 history lessons as an example, noting that many K-12 students are taught through the lens of “white privilege,” which creates problems among the future educators in Jupp’s classes, whom he teaches to “resist critical race and whiteness pedagogies.”

In an effort to fight this, Jupp, a proponent of “decolonizing education,” calls upon his fellow professors to commit to “the creative destruction of cherished curriculum knowledge” and replace it with “actionable, teachable, antiracist knowledge for race-visible teaching.”

“Racialized curriculum recoding is important because it begins to outline the ways in which critical race or whiteness pedagogies must actually recode and replace existing cherished knowledge in process-oriented ways,” Jupp argues, saying such a tactic is important because historically aspiring “white teachers [have] denied, evaded, or diminished the salience of race in teaching and learning.”

In other words, math, science, English, and actual history are all racist and stuff.

Look, we have issues in education, but Jupp is out of his mind if he thinks “whiteness” is somehow an infection that has spread throughout the K-12 curriculum in this country. He’s absolutely insane.


Instead, this is race-baiting nonsense that only really impacts him because he teaches courses in this nonsense and students who enter his class see it as such. They see it, resist it, and Jupp doesn’t like that. So he wants them primed for his class by ignoring centuries of scholarship in all the various disciplines just so he can have an easier time.

I’m sorry, but no. Unless you can provide concrete examples of how “whiteness” has had any kind of a negative impact on education for the majority of students, there’s absolutely no reason to do any such thing.

Identity education wasn’t an issue until identity politics came into being. It became the topic du jour for the left, who saw it as an imperative that every minority learn just how awesome they are and just how horrible white folks are. Then you have people like Jupp who play along with this theme for a pat on his white head, all in hopes that he’ll be thought of as one of the “good” whites.

Instead, he looks pathetic with his begging for scraps from the leftist identity politics table.

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