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Man Cleared of Rape Due to Video Evidence Exposes Title IX Abuse

In Los Angeles, a man’s future hung in the balance. He’d hooked up with a girl at a bar, then went back to her dorm room at USC for the night. The next morning, the woman claimed she had no memory of the night, so she couldn’t have consented. He says she did, but he was suddenly facing rape charges.


Then evidence supporting his story was found:

[Armaan] Premjee says the woman wanted to leave the club and have sex with him.

The security video shows the woman leading Premjee out of the club and shows her making a sexual gesture to her friend behind Premjee’s back.

She’s then caught on video signing them into her dorm.

Prosecutors charged Premjee with rape, claiming the woman was too drunk to give consent. The woman told detectives she didn’t remember anything from that night. Premjee says she was the aggressor.

“She knew what she was doing. She was able to stand on her own two feet. She led the way,” he said.

However, Premjee may still have to deal with USC — and based on what we’ve seen of Title IX abuse, it doesn’t look good for the young man, though the video evidence just might be his saving grace. After all, the evidence definitely indicates there was consent.

The prosecutor’s argument — that the woman was too drunk to consent — is the real problem. The political push to end nonsense like “rape culture” and the dishonest spreading of the “one in five” statistic is an affront to justice and individual rights.


Yes, women can definitely be too drunk to consent. The notorious Steubenville rape case is a prime example. However, in that case, the evidence showed that the woman in question was unconscious. Here, the evidence shows her walking on her own, leading him outside the club, and sober enough to sign him into her dorm, all indicators of sufficient capacity to consent to sex. That’s all we know. There’s a point at which a woman is no longer able to consent — but when is that point?

As we learned here, it isn’t simply if she wakes up the next morning and can’t remember. It was impossible for Armaan Premjee to know that she could act one way on the video and recall nothing the following day.

Hopefully advocates of Title IX abuse now recognize the many lives they may have ruined in cases with no video evidence, and leave Premjee alone.

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