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Feminists Complain That Men Don't Want to Marry 'Career' Women

Feminists Complain That Men Don't Want to Marry 'Career' Women
The International Women's Strike and march to celebrate International Women's Day, on March 8​, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Erik McGregor)(Sipa via AP Images)

Apparently, some highly educated women are in a bit of a crisis. It seems that when they spend their 20s focused on their career with no interest in marriage or family, they can’t seem to find similarly educated men.

So of course, feminists are attributing this situation to sexism. You see, educated men are intimidated by educated women or something.

Martin Daubney at Heat Street offers some interesting alternatives worth considering:

Having forlornly waited decades for Mr Right, haunted by the tick-tock of their biological clocks, these women instead now want a Mr Right Now. Who’s basically a walking sperm donor.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, many men don’t want to play that game — especially those ultra-desirable, highly-educated, alpha males these women covet.

What the Yale team have spectacularly failed to grasp is that these men aren’t intimidated by these careerists. Increasingly, they just don’t want them. But why not?

Firstly, they are growing wary of women who have decided “I’m ready!” What man wants to go straight from Tinder to the kid’s section of IKEA without a few years’ fun first? It’s sensible, risk avoidance: making sure she’s mother material. Only she doesn’t want to wait, ‘cos fertility. So, men avoid them.

We’re all increasingly making more informed choices later in life — so it’s a bit rich to claim it’s a bad thing when men do it. You can’t have it both ways, ladies.

Daubney also points out that there’s a gender disparity at colleges in both the United States and England; women outnumber men on campus, yet there’s no push to rectify this disparity. Remember folks, gender gaps are only bad if women can claim to be on the short end of things.

This creates an issue downstream, so to speak. With fewer men being college-educated in the first place, there will be fewer college-educated men available for mating purposes later on. This isn’t rocket science.

A side effect of this is that these men, due to their scarcity, have significantly more options. They can afford to be picky. And let’s face it, the woman who is arrogant enough to think a man would be intimidated by her intellect is far more likely to get a hard pass as marriage material than the woman who isn’t convinced she’s perfection incarnate.

It’s not that she has a career she takes seriously, it’s that she’s not considering the obvious concerns of single men, like not wanting to jump right from the dating pool to children. It creates a perfect storm of these women’s own making.

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