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Feminist Hunts Down Man in Airport for Sending Out a Pepe Meme

Imagine you’re sitting in an airport and you get a picture via Apple’s AirDrop app. What’s the first thing you’d do? Well, speaking for myself, I’d try and figure out where I screwed up in my settings allowing random people to send me pictures.

What I wouldn’t do is hunt the person down and accuse them of … terrorism.

From Heat Street:

In a long series of tweets, all of which have received thousands of likes, [Renee Bracey] Sherman called what he did a “threat,” “harassment,” and even “terrorism.”

“This shit isn’t about a difference in politics. It’s about threats,” wrote Sherman, a black feminist who brags about having an abortion in her Twitter bio. “It’s about harassment. It’s about making people of color feel unsafe.”

“I’m minding my own business, with my headphones on, and white supremacist Jacob just can’t leave me the fuck alone. This is terrorism.”

Note how she was able to ascertain Jacob is a white supremacist because of a cartoon frog.

She then went on the hunt until she found “Jacob”:

Sherman then made the effort to track down the person who sent her the Pepe the Frog image by stalking people at the airport bar until she found “Jacob.” Having found him, Sherman says she “cussed him out” for sending her the image, and followed that up with eight tweets with pictures of a man who allegedly sent her Pepe.

There is no real evidence that the “Jacob” she photographed sent her any images — not that it would excuse her overreaction to a cartoon frog.

Dubbing the man a “white supremacist” and “digital terrorizer,” Sherman wrote: “White supremacists like Jacob, you’re on notice. It might be giggles with buddies online, but I will cuss you the fuck out like I did Jacob.”

That, ladies and gentlemen, is some prescription-grade psycho right there.

Now, let’s say she got the right guy just for the sake of argument. So what? While sending out pics to random people may seem a little sketchy, it’s not much different than publishing anything online anywhere. It’s not terrorism, racism, homophobia, hemophilia, or anything else.

At worst, it’s weird.

Yet she stalks down this “Jacob” like she’s Jack Bauer and Jacob’s pic was about to blow up a school in New York City with a nuclear device. Seriously, chill the hell out.

For Sherman’s followers, though, accusations are enough. One person commented that Jacob should be doxxed and fired from his job. Over a cartoon.

And feminists like Sherman wonder why no one takes them seriously.

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