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'Racist' Evergreen State Professor Was Apparently Loved by Students

Bret Weinstein probably didn’t intend to become a rallying point for conservatives and libertarians who take issue with the rampant political correctness that has infected American campuses. The self-described liberal probably finds himself in agreement with the typical SJW on most issues.


However, he dared to take issue with an event that kicked every white person off campus for the day, and that is all the evidence social justice jihadis needed to claim Weinstein is suddenly a white supremacist.

It’s hard to believe that a school offering feminist biology classes — yes, you read that correctly: check out “Reproduction: Gender, Race, and Power” and “Feminist Epistemologies: Critical Approaches to Biology and Psychology” — would have missed Weinstein’s intense hatred for everyone with a different amount of melanin, right?

Well, according to Rate My Professor, where reviews can get rather nasty, Weinstein had a rating of 4.2 out of 5, with 100 percent of students saying they would take a class from him again.

Sound like the record of a white supremacist on a progressive campus?

Not everyone loved him, such as the student who gave the following review:

I have a very different view of Bret’s teaching. He was very unorganized, and didnt know what he was going to teach until he came to class. I can honestly say that I learned nothing in this class, and was very disapointed with the content and quality. Instead of learning about adaptations of organisms, we played frisbee and watched movies.

Hmm. No white supremacy there.

Further, Weinstein was rated as a moderately difficult professor (rated 3.2 out of 5) yet was still loved by his students — and they certainly don’t sound like the types who could handle anything moderately difficult.


Not only that, but recently, students are offering reviews to rally behind the embattled professor. Since May 25, Weinstein has had 16 reviews. The lowest score was 4, and no one claims he’s ever expressed a racist sentiment.

The about what has happened is pretty clear: Weinstein called out the racism behind Whites Go Home Day, which any rational, brave person should do when hearing about Whites Go Home Day.

Since then, Evergreen State College has been in absolute turmoil as spoiled children have made it clear that their priorities have nothing to do with academics, and have everything to do with their regressive political zealotry.

If they did care about academia, they would recognize Bret Weinstein is apparently a good professor, and they would appreciate his time.

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