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U. of Oregon 'Men's Center': White Men Can't Be Victims of Racism, Sexism

Some colleges now have “men’s centers,” which sounds like a good way for college men to discuss issues that impact men alone — such as rampant Title IX abuse.

Nope. These “men’s centers” are just yet another means of indoctrinating young men with radical feminist, Leftist lunacy.

A prime example is below. A post on the University of Oregon’s Men’s Center’s Facebook page argues that white men cannot be the victims of racism or sexism:

In order for any group of people to be oppressed they first need to be dehumanized. Humans have over and over again been documented to care deeply about other humans. Even putting themselves in grave danger to rescue strangers from extremely dangerous situations. We have evolved to want to help each other. So then, for one group of people to dominate and control another, there first need to be dehumanization.

That’s a large driving force behind sexism, racism, and all other forms of systemic oppression. Black and brown people are easier to exploit, harass, oppress, and destroy once they are dehumanized. We see this evidenced in our prison industrial complexes, we see this in wealth inequality, and we see this is police brutality. Black and brown people have been so dehumanized that our society has accepted their destruction. The system that allows and maintains this is called white supremacy.

This isn’t just with race. We see this happen in regards to gender. Most visceral is the gender pay gap. Which will often be denied by some saying that women simply do not work as hard so therefore they earn less money. Of course this is not only extremely sexist, this is factually inaccurate. This has been proven and documented many times, yet still is a sustained rhetoric that lives to justify the continual domination of women.

We see these power structures created and maintained across all identities: sexuality, ability, class, gender, gender identity, race and religious.

Reverse oppression cannot exist because of the structured power dynamics. Oppression is a socio-political power structure that exploits marginalized people and benefits dominant people. So then sexism against men does not happen, because men are in power. Racism against white people does NOT happen because white people are in power.

Hmm. Well, let’s look at colleges, for example.

Thanks to Title IX, men hold extraordinarily little power as students, while women can easily destroy someone’s life by simply claiming to have been sexually assaulted. The devastation is so significant that at least one man killed himself over a Title IX ruling and another attempted suicide.

Title IX is an actual example of a “socio-political power structure that exploits marginalized people and benefits dominant people.”

But wait, there’s more:

Of course that is not to say that individual instances of discrimination does not exist. We of course can find anecdotal evidence that does not represent the societal norm. But these are not the same thing. A white man experiencing an isolated instance of discrimination is not the same as a black woman facing oppression everywhere she goes.

How we go about working to dismantle them is different as well. We work to dismantle systems of oppression by critically addressing our society and structures of power. That is necessary to breaking down systemic oppression. The key to dismantling isolated individual instances of discrimination, is to just walk away. The two just are not the same, by any metric used.

Well, my hometown is over 70 percent black. Most of the key government employees are black. The same is true of our city commission and school board.

So as a minority in my town, I can hold no “institutional power.” Right? I experience “oppression everywhere” I go, and not just “isolated instances”?

It’s time for college kids to be taught the truth: America isn’t suffering under Democratic Party-instituted Jim Crow anymore. Lunacy about “structural racism” and “systemic oppression” — always presented without evidence, as there is none — are just excuses dreamed up by the Left as for why their Big Government socialism failed minority communities miserably.

Martin Luther King, Jr.’s dream actually took hold on the right. The Left is still trying to divide us up by identity rather than treat everyone equally.