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Student Punished by Title IX After Being Exonerated Attempted Suicide

Last week, I wrote about a Texas student who committed suicide after being railroaded in the name of Title IX. Apparently, Thomas Klocke is not the only young man who lost all hope after being similarly abused.

A Cornell student reportedly attempted suicide following his suspension from the school. This student had already been exonerated of allegations he raped a female student. Further, he had claimed she tried to rape him:

Earlier this week we told you about Cornell University’s alleged refusal to investigate a fraternity member’s claim that a female student tried to rape him and then punched him so hard in the testicles he feared permanent damage.

The Cornell Daily Sun is reporting more allegations in the lawsuit by “James Doe,” including that he attempted suicide right after learning the university committed double jeopardy -- finding that he violated “Sally Roe” after exonerating him.


Only after he filed the 6.4 complaint did Roe file her own 6.4 complaint, having already accused Doe of “choking and raping her” in a code-of-conduct complaint, which goes to the “judicial administrator.”

This is what happens when the pursuit of truth and justice succumbs to the Hillary Clinton-approved "women deserve to be believed" process. (Clinton later deleted her tweet claiming this after most of Twitter informed her she was married to Bill.)

In the wake of the Department of Education's Office of Civil Rights "Dear Colleague" letter that threatened a cessation of federal funding for schools that don't effectively kill due process in cases involving rape allegations, it's not surprising that the school placed James Doe in double jeopardy on something like this. Because somehow, even with the Left's attempts to redefine gender, it's not politically acceptable to consider that a man can be raped.

The Title IX investigator -- and her views on due process -- happens to be Elizabeth McGrath, who once appeared in a notorious Project Veritas video calling the Constitution "a very flawed document." She offered to shred a copy of it.