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Colleges Spent $60 Million Defending Against Title IX Assault Investigations

For some time, I’ve beaten the drum about the damage Title IX abuse causes its victims. One young man recently committed suicide after being railroaded. However, it’s important to remember that the schools are heavily burdened, too — and that hits students and parents right in the wallet.

A tremendous amount of money is being spent to deal with this out-of-control, vindictive behavior by the Department of Education:

The American Council on Education, an organization of 1,600 college presidents, has called the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights a “Star Chamber” that railroads colleges unfortunate enough to come under Title IX investigation.

Under its last chief, OCR probed even those incidents that did not spark a federal complaint, subjecting schools to long and costly “institution-wide” investigations that practically ordered them to mistreat accused students and favor accusers.

Some accusers get massive settlements. One University of Oregon student got $800,000 and full tuition.

The results of a new survey by insurance group United Educators show just how expensive OCR’s threats and bias in favor of accusers have been for colleges.

They have lost $60 million responding to sexual-assault allegations over 10 years, and the average cost of an accuser’s claim is $342,000, according to United Educators’ new Title IX risk management service, Canopy Programs.

Accusers get massive settlements, while male students accused of impropriety are denied due process and see their futures callously destroyed.

This $60 million is money not being spent on education, scholarships, or support for those victims whose accusers were found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Thanks to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR), schools are disincentivized to seek out truth and justice. Instead, they are rewarded for taking the accuser’s word and persecuting the accused through a Sharia-like justice process.

That doesn’t mean colleges are blameless in this.

Many — most? — are willing collaborators in this un-American travesty. University administrations are perhaps the primary advocates of the “social justice” culture that dismisses our nation’s legal tradition.

The era of attacking females for what they wore or for how they behaved prior to being raped was a dark time — ask the victim who had to face Hillary Clinton in the courtroom. But this pendulum swing to the opposite end of the spectrum is not progress towards justice. It’s simply a dark time for the unfairly accused rather than the accuser.

“Social justice” is the precise opposite of justice. Money is wasted and lives are being destroyed pretending it’s something better.