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TCU Invites Shaun King to Speak During 'Unity Week'

TCU Invites Shaun King to Speak During 'Unity Week'
(Vino Wong/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP)

New York Daily News columnist Shaun King isn’t the type of leftist to sit around playing guitar, singing Kumbaya, and talking about how groovy it would be if everyone would love one another. No, he’s the type who seems to actually like divisiveness — particularly racial divisiveness. King has made much of his name due to his association with the Black Lives Matter movement, after all.

Why would Texas Christian University bring in the leftist firebrand to speak as part of the school’s “Unity Week” if they’re aware of all that?

Shaun King, a New York Daily News columnist with a reputation for mocking students who ask him tough questions, told a student audience that he has “written probably over 100 articles about Donald Trump and I follow his news very closely,” according to the conservative campus newspaper The Freedom Frog.


Official campus news organization TCU360 focused on King’s description of the Trump era as “crazy times,” his discussions about violence against black men and the “selfies” he took with audience members.

The Freedom Frog, on the other hand, noted that King brought up decades-old rape accusations against Trump by his then-wife, Ivana.

“His first wife testified under oath that he brutally raped her and violently assaulted her and pulled out huge chunks of her hair. She told her friends about it,” King said. “That should have been the end of his career, that was in 1989.”

Trump has consistently denied this, and in 2015 Ivana Trump called the allegations “without merit” and said she was the “best of friends” with her ex-husband.

TCU is a private college, so at least taxpayer dollars didn’t go to fund King’s visit.

Still, not all students were thrilled with the decision, which may have been made to appease a pro-BLM group on campus. TCU College Republicans President Matt VanHyfte called the visit “divisive” and took issue with King’s speaking engagement being part of the school’s Unity Week festivities.

However, they didn’t attempt to block King’s talk, a lesson to students in places like Berkeley and Middlebury.

The right has a tendency to respect property rights and freedom of speech, even if the person using that freedom of speech is a racially divisive jerk. In fact, the best thing for the right is to let someone like Shaun King talk all he wants.

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