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'Racist' Trump Meets With HBCU Officials

'Racist' Trump Meets With HBCU Officials
Donald Trump speaks during a campaign rally in Miami. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci, file)

President Donald Trump has been dogged by accusations of being a racist for a while now. Both he and his supporters are often called “white nationalists,” a particular flavor of racist, by their opponents on the left. Apparently, a group of leaders and supporters of Historically Black Colleges and Universities didn’t get the memo:

The nation’s historically black colleges and universities are pushing for President Donald Trump to set aside more federal contracts and grants for their schools, and take a greater hand in their welfare by moving responsibility for a key program for those colleges to the White House.

The presidents of the nation’s 100-plus HBCUs, pressing their case for greater attention from the new Republican-controlled government, met with Trump briefly in the Oval Office and later with Vice President Mike Pence. On Tuesday, they planned to meet with GOP lawmakers.

“Know that beginning today, this administration is committed to ensuring that historically black colleges and universities get the credit and the attention they deserve,” Pence said after the meeting. “Our administration at the president’s direction is working to find new ways to expand your impact so that more students, especially in the underserved communities of this country, have a chance at a quality education.”

The college presidents, as well as the United Negro College Fund, the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and other HBCU advocates, planned to express their support for migrating the White House Initiative on HBCUs from the Education Department to the White House itself.

Didn’t these officials get the memo? A white nationalist isn’t likely to give them anything, right?

The thing is, it appears the Trump administration is leaning toward making this move and possibly other efforts that would directly benefit HBCUs. Is this the kind of thing that a white nationalist would do?

Of course not.

In reality, the left’s accusations against President Trump have stemmed from his refusal to bow to leftist orthodoxy regarding illegal immigration and his concerns about militant Islam. While Trump hasn’t always articulated himself well — in fact, he’s tasted shoe leather more often than a winning presidential candidate may ever have previously — it’s a significant stretch to take his sentiments and claim they’re proof of racism.

Whether these moves are smart policy or even conservative is another matter entirely. But perhaps this can be a nail in the coffin on the whole “Trump is racist” meme that has infested the left.

Then again, logic seems to be in short supply on the left, and has been for a while.

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