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Traditional Marriage Talk Angers Leftist Student Groups

“Tolerance” is the liberal buzzword, and has been for some time. However, it’s important to remember that for progressives, tolerance is a one-way street. For example, if someone is going to support traditional marriage in any way, that’s an occasion for students to protest:

A Lutheran pastor’s talk at Washington University in St. Louis on Monday night on the goodness and importance of procreation and marriage between a man and a woman prompted two separate protests by students and professors who accused the event and its speaker of hate-mongering.

In response to the talk, titled “The Original Diversity: Man & Woman in Christ,” the College Democrats hosted “a demonstration of inclusion” on Monday night after denouncing Rev. Jonathan Fisk in a campus newspaper op-ed as “an unabashedly homophobic, ultra-conservative, transphobic, anti-choice fear monger.”

What’s more, a separate “discussion space” on Monday night was led by students and “only open to LGBTQIA-identified and questioning Wash U students.” It was held to respond and reflect on Fisk’s talk and the event’s flyers.

So only the alphabet-identified students could voice an opinion. Isn’t that diverse, open, and tolerant?

The irony is that Fisk’s talk wasn’t even about homosexuality, gay marriage, or anything of the sort. Instead, he wanted to focus on heterosexual relationships needing to result in the conception of a child, considering the consequences of a worldwide decline in childbirth.

But not mentioning homosexuality in a negative context wasn’t enough for the rank-and-file tolerant progressives. Unless one advocates for any and all progressive ideas about homosexuality, one is a hateful bigot who should never be permitted to speak.

It doesn’t help that at least one of the protests turned out to be a grab bag of whatever the speaker wanted to make an issue:

Speaking with a backdrop of a rainbow flag, a member of the College Democrats said she was “in shock” when a fellow group member brought the event’s flyer to her attention.

Another speaker, Professor Jeffrey McCune, alleged opposition of Planned Parenthood is racist.

“I hope that I’m not supposed to let go of my refusal of a white Christianity that denies the ways in which certain modes of thinking, such as the removal of Planned Parenthood is racist,” said the professor of Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. “For ultimately what is being said when people refuse Planned Parenthood, is they’re saying I care more about white fetuses than I do about the services to minority folk.”

That’s right, folks. Trying to keep minority children from being killed in the womb is racist. If you correctly believe that Planned Parenthood has reduced the number of minority children by a percentage only seen elsewhere due to genocide, you’re racist.

People like McCune are probably still trying to figure out how the progressive agenda lost so handily in November.

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