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Charlize Theron: HIV Transmitted by 'Sexism,' 'Racism.' NOT Sex

If you’re the kind of person who takes advice on science from an actor, well … you’re an idiot. Actors are people who play pretend for our entertainment. If they’re really good at it, they get paid really well. Nothing wrong with that.

The problem is that sometimes actors are given a platform by the arrogant international community to speak on scientific matters dealing with a horrible and deadly disease, because the international community thinks we’re all idiots.

For example, here’s Charlize Theron revealing all that stupid and arrogance all at once:

Among the people who attended at the conference were UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, British singer Elton John, Prince Harry, and American actress Charlize Theron.

In her speech to the summit delegates, Theron used her platform on AIDS to talk about social issues, particularly in light of recent police-civilian tensions in the U.S.

HIV is not transmitted by sex,” Theron announced. “It is transmitted by sexism, racism.”

Theron continued by discussing how AIDS still plagues humanity because of a social divide between white and black people.

We value white skin more than black skin,” she told the crowd, adding that the African-originated pandemic is predominantly the result of social discrimination in the West.

Shut up, Charlize. Shut up and actually learn something.

When I was in the U.S. Navy, I helped treat AIDS patients.

Let me tell you about one black woman. She had primarily white nurses and corpsmen doing their damnedest to make her last days as comfortable as we could. We wore gowns and masks to treat her — not because we could get infected, but because we could be carrying something that didn’t affect us that would kill her.

We prayed that a miracle would happen. Unfortunately, it didn’t. So, did sexism or racism kill her?

No. Her husband did — when he fooled around with a hooker in some European port.

Racism and sexism didn’t give AIDS to the white male patients I worked with, either. Where was their privilege, Charlize?

Nowhere. It didn’t exist because this disease doesn’t care about progressive politics.

AIDS kills whoever it can. It doesn’t care about skin color, gender, or whether you sexually identify as a one-eyed flounder named Larry. It doesn’t freaking care. You want something that doesn’t discriminate and never will? It’s HIV.

Theron’s claims should be vigorously opposed in a discussion of this disease. If she wants to air her opinions, go on a social justice crusade? Fine, we’ll be happy to point out her arrogance and stupidity.