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Data From Lefty Website Vox Shows Blue States Suffer Far More Mass Shootings

In the wake of any mass shooting, the left immediately rants about how gun-toting Americans are violent beasts, just waiting for an opportunity to kill dozens of people for the slightest provocation. There’s no evidence to back them up, but that doesn’t matter.

However, the Daily Caller News Foundation took a look at some numbers from the progressive site Vox and found something interesting.

It seems progressive blue states have more mass shootings than red states:

TheDCNF’s analysis found that 543 of the mass shootings listed by Vox occurred in blue states while only 330 occurred in red states. If adjusted to account for differences in the size of population, blue states have .381 mass shootings per 100,000 people, while red states have a mere .267.

Places where Democrats controlled the state legislature were even more likely to have mass shootings than the average blue state. This means that a mass shooting, as defined by Vox, is 42 percent more likely to occur in a blue state after accounting for population differences.

The typical liberal explanation for this is that mass shooters go to red states to buy guns, which they use in blue states. Even progressive Politifact finds these claims “misleading for a varied number of reasons.” This also ignores the fact that there are already roughly 360 million firearms in America, or more guns than people.

The most plausible explanation? The presence of firearms in the hands of the law-abiding deters those likely to conduct these attacks. They fear being killed before murdering all the people they wish to murder.

Couple this with the data that powerfully suggest increased gun laws don’t reduce murder rates, and you can see that increased gun control measures are less than useless.

It’s not unusual for the powers that be to desire being seen doing something, anything, in the wake of an attack like Orlando. The four measures the Senate considered on Monday certainly qualify as “something, anything”: none of the four would have kept Omar Mateen from getting a gun.

They were simply a grab bag of gun measures the left has been wanting for years.

Maybe progressives should figure out why residents in progressive states are more likely to commit these atrocities, rather than attacking the data-backed preventive measure of red state gun rights.