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Bigots? No, Heroes: U.S. Gun Owners Everywhere Offering FREE Shooting Lessons to Gays

In the wake of the terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida, some are arguing that the American gun community — and its overlapping “homophobia” — is to blame.

Well, law-abiding gun owners haven’t had time to respond, because they are too busy offering to teach gays — and anyone else, for that matter — how to shoot. And they are offering to cover all expenses.

Read this wonderful post going viral across the country right now:

Yesterday, Mr. CJ told me about a post from an acquaintance of his on Facebook named Erin Palette who was compiling a list of friends willing to teach firearm safety to others for free –particularly to members of the LGBT community.

Take them to the gun range, pay for their range time and ammo, teach them about guns and how to handle them safely – all of it. And these wouldn’t necessarily be whole classes on gun safety. These would be individuals who want to learn the basics of gun safety and gun laws, but don’t know where to start.

Basically, that post BLEW UP — over a hundred (at last count that I could tell) people volunteering their time, expertise, and expense to help total strangers learn how NOT to be the next ISIS terrorist’s victim.

Remind me how America is a super-intolerant and bigoted country, again?

And that’s when Erin got the idea. She put the question to her Facebook followers. Would any of them be willing to teach someone — particularly someone from the LGBT community — interested in learning about guns and gun safety and possibly getting their CCW permit in their state? Ask the internet hive mind (as it were). Surely there would be some response.

Holy crap, did people respond. Almost instantly. IN DROVES.

Palette is a transgendered gun writer.

I just put my name on the list as a potential trainer. If you are trained — or just want to donate funds — then right now, go send a message to ISIS and to the bigots tarring law-abiding gun owners about the real America.

The reality is gun owners carry because they are responsible about safety.

They want the most vulnerable to be armed for their own protection. The LGBT community, women, minorities, anyone who may be targeted more often simply because of who they are.

With all the hatred aimed toward gun owners right now, perhaps some parties should take a step back and remember it was a terrorist who did this. American gun owners want to prevent it from happening again, contrary to who the talking heads tell you about what kind of people we are.