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Florida Bill Would Give Students Tools to Combat Leftist Academic Bias

Florida Bill Would Give Students Tools to Combat Leftist Academic Bias
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It’s Time to Purge the Bias in Academia

We who have been slugging it out in the American political wars for a while are no strangers to railing against leftist bias in education at all levels. It’s only been five days since I last devoted the top of my Morning Briefing to the subject. During the K-12 years, the biased indoctrination proceeds at a slower pace, of course. By the time a kid who’s spent all of those years in the American public system hits college, he or she has been fully prepped for the weaponized mind pollution of higher education.

The way that the academic commies in higher education go about things is truly insidious. The U.S. Constitution is shredded. Free speech is punished rather than encouraged. Differing — meaning conservative — viewpoints are shut up, often with violence that administrators ignore. A radical third-wave feminist “all males are rapists” agenda is pursued by tossing out all due process rights for the accused. The reason that Betsy DeVos was so loathed by the Left is that she restored some basic constitutional rights to college campuses.

Democrats abhor that kind of thing.

A new bill in Florida would give a little bit of help to overwhelmed kids who haven’t been completely sold on the communist dream (they’re out there!) and want to fight the biased power.

Fox News:

A new proposal in Florida would allow a student to record their college professors’ lectures in order to use the information as evidence of political bias.

According to the bill, students would be permitted to conduct “free-speech activities”, including “all forms of peaceful assembly, protests, and speeches; distributing literature; carrying signs; circulating petitions; faculty research, lectures, writings, and commentary, whether published or unpublished; and the recording and publication, including the Internet publication, of video or audio recorded in outdoor areas of campus.”

What the bill would do is give students the opportunity to acquire tangible evidence of a professor’s bias if the student wants to lodge a formal complaint. At present, the system pits the word of a 19-year-old kid against that of a professor who’s had years of experience running roughshod over students. Given that the administration is on the same team as the professor, who is it more likely to believe?

Predictably, the commie union representing the commie professors doesn’t like the bill. Just as predictably, non-Fox News media is running interference for them all.

This is from Fort Myers, FL CBS affiliate WINK:

Supporters of the bill say it would make it easier for students to launch free speech complaints, as it would essentially go around Florida’s two-party consent law. That, however, is the basis of the complaints against the bill, too.

“With so many videos being manipulated now, audio and video manipulation… with so much ability to post anonymously online, an awful lot of damage can be done to a person,” said Karen Morian, president of United Faculty of Florida.

Besides violating people’s privacy, Morian believes the bill could actually discourage students from participating in class.

Ah…the old “manipulated” video dodge. Democrats love to say that the video was “manipulated” whenever they’re caught being awful. “Selectively edited” is the favorite term among those in the media tasked with running interference for miscreant Dems.

Here’s the thing though: the videos rarely, if ever are. And I only said “rarely” to cover my bases.

Actually, it’s the leftist media hacks who keep getting caught with their grubby fingers in the selectively edited cookie jar. One of the more recent episodes involved CBS News and its sloppy hit piece on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The guy who has to sign this bill to make it become law.

Gee…wonder which way he’s leaning.