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The Morning Briefing: Elusive Republican Backbone Spotted in District of Columbia

The Morning Briefing: Elusive Republican Backbone Spotted in District of Columbia
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Feliz Viernes, Boys and Girls

There seems to be something in the Republican water in Washington, D.C. these past few days. While the Democrats haven’t been pausing to breathe in the midst of their efforts to undo the result of the 2016 presidential election, it often seems as if the elected Republicans inside the Beltway are content to let President Trump do all of the heavy GOP lifting.

A couple of signs of life are encouraging. The first is the resolution that Senate Republicans are working on to condemn the Pelosi/Schiff kangaroo impeachment inquiry.

None of the senators who have signed on to the resolution thus far are saying that the president is off-limits as far as being investigated for wrongdoing, they just want some of the Soviet trappings removed from whatever it is that’s going in the House right now.

This may seem largely symbolic, but gamesmanship is an important part of politics. Those who don’t realize that get steamrolled rather quickly.

Less symbolic, and far more important, was the news that the Justice Department’s investigation into the time- and money-wasting Russia probe is now a criminal investigation.

PJ Media’s Roger L. Simon:

Winter may be coming but it’s already Springtime for Lawyers in Washington, D.C.  The list of people lawyering up these days would probably fill this page and lap over onto the next. It’s just been announced that the John Durham investigation into the provenance of the Russia probe has turned into a criminal investigation.

Subpoenas and grand juries are coming, real ones, not the Star Chamber counterfeits being orchestrated by the panicked Democrats and their junior league Southern California Torquemada.

This puts two liberal darling big mouths directly in the crosshairs:

Yes, it will be interesting to see what St. Comey and Brennan have to say next.

Poll Dancing

I see from the comments that there are people who still haven’t caught on to my flippant and sarcastic ways. Anyone who takes everything I write or say seriously is putting themselves at risk of a stroke.



Some were aghast that I wrote about a CNN poll yesterday. We deal with politics here at PJ Media and we are still MORE THAN A YEAR AWAY from the presidential election. We have to cover the race, and the race goes on for-freaking-ever.

So some days we talk about polls, kids.

Of course, we’re all skeptical of them, but they’re still being used to determine participation in the Democratic debates and they do provide fodder for conversation.

Oh, and thanks for reading.

For Those Who Say I’m Not Covering the Serious Stuff

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A lot of this country’s problems can be traced to the decline in the popularity of Clamato.

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