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The Morning Briefing: Trudeau and Liberal Hypocrisy About Race Survive in Canada

The Morning Briefing: Trudeau and Liberal Hypocrisy About Race Survive in Canada
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A Victory for Totally White People of Color Everywhere

Monday was such a weird news day that I was paying attention to the election in Canada — a country that I don’t really even acknowledge as being real.

Justin Trudeau won re-election, but it wasn’t easy for him. His party’s struggles provided some great early-week entertainment. The internet responded swiftly to the news that a politician who has most recently been plagued by a blackface scandal would now be forced to form a “minority” government.

As Treacher recently wrote, the multiple passes that Trudeau has gotten for his blackface antics just prove that progressives aren’t sincere in anything they say about race relations. Anyone who belches up the liberal orthodoxy can be Hitler 2.0 and everyone just looks the other way. They pretend to be enlightened and superior when it comes to race and social issues. In reality, it’s all hollow sanctimony that then gets used as a cudgel to pummel free speech into submission.

Good luck with that, Canada.

Meemaw Malaise

It’s a stunning testament to how lackluster this current Democratic field is when the alcoholic grandmother who failed so miserably in the last election cycle can command the spotlight more easily than the ones who are actually running.

Granny Maojackets’ emails were back in the news for one last hurrah,  giving her one more chance to be thrilled with not getting indicted for anything, and to let people keep making excuses for her.

There were plenty of national security hiccups along the way but Mrs. Clinton’s supporters are acting like this moves her into Mother Teresa status.

Now we can settle in for a few weeks of her hitting the talk shows again for another “victory” lap. One of my favorite things about the fact that she keeps herself in the public eye so much: when Trump wins again next year it will almost be like watching her lose again.

The Kamala Collapse Is Accelerating 

Kamala Harris’s story has always been a bit different from her telling of it. She’s running out of places to hide now.


Kamala Harris catapulted to Democratic stardom on a narrative based on her role as California’s attorney general during the housing crisis, when she was an unrelenting adversary of big banks and mortgage lenders, and a champion of consumers.

But a new book by Pulitzer Prize-nominated reporter Aaron Glantz challenges that storyline, arguing that Harris not only allowed Steve Mnuchin’s OneWest bank to get away with foreclosing on tens of thousands of state homeowners, but then tried to bury the evidence.

At this rate, Harris might not outlast Beto or whichever Castro brother is running.

POTUS Ain’t Sweating a Thing

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The Kruiser Kabana

Obligatory “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” trailer:

I don’t know what Martin Scorcese thinks of this.


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