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The Morning Briefing: Trump Rallies Bigly and Stress-Free in Dallas

The Morning Briefing: Trump Rallies Bigly and Stress-Free in Dallas
President Donald Trump takes the stage at a campaign rally at American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas, Thursday, Oct. 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Déjà Vu, Anyone?

President Trump took his show on the road again, this time to Dallas. If the nonstop impeachment harassment is getting to him, it certainly doesn’t show when he is among the faithful. By the way, it seems that there are still a lot of faithful:

While watching the response he was getting at the rally, I was also perusing a variety of news feeds, and I was once again struck by the stark contrast between the media hysteria and the enthusiasm of the regular Americans who flocked to the president in Dallas. It all seemed so familiar:

I am not in the business of political predictions — I gave that up after the last election. However, all of the unscientific factors that worked in Trump’s favor for 2016 seem to be at play again.

The only thing the Democrats have going for them is that they can’t possibly nominate someone as unlikable as Granny Maojackets. Bless their hearts, they’re trying, but no one can be as thoroughly awful as Mrs. Clinton.

I keep thinking that it can’t be possible that the Democrats and their media partners didn’t learn anything from 2016, but it appears that may very well be the case. They are dismissive of Trump’s very public support. They still place more stock in what celebrities think than what the flyover country types want. They think they can win simply because they think Trump shouldn’t win.

It’s a rerun with just a few modifications, the most obvious being that Trump is the incumbent, and that gives him some historical inherent advantages.

One of his greatest advantages remains his ability to use Twitter to communicate directly with supporters:

He’s got a little bounce in his step.

Ignoring the Will of the People Can Get Sticky

Well, maybe not all political speech…

“People having the power to express themselves at scale is a new kind of force in the world — a Fifth Estate alongside the other power structures of society,” Mr. Zuckerberg, 35, said.

He added that despite the messiness of free speech, “the long journey towards greater progress requires confronting ideas that challenge us.”

“I’m here today because I believe we must continue to stand for free expression,” he said.

Cool story bro, but Facebook has a habit of banning all kinds of speech that it deems offensive, and it’s almost always with a decided bias. And face it, if Trump weren’t the leader of the free world he’d have been booted off all social media by the “tolerant” liberals who run the platforms.

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‘Tis the Season

The first comedy album I ever listened to was “Tour de Farce: American History and Other Unrelated Subjects” by The Smothers Brothers. I also started my stand-up career as part of a duo, so I’ve always had an appreciation for how much work that takes to get right.

Off to my high school reunion, so I’ll have an alibi all weekend.

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