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The Morning Briefing: Twitter Outage and Outrage Edition

The Morning Briefing: Twitter Outage and Outrage Edition
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Twitter went down at the worst possible time last night. As it’s my main news source for this whole shebang, this may be a shorter one today. It’s been a nice trip down Memory Lane, back to the days when Twitter went down all the time and the dreaded Fail Whale would glare at us for hours at a time.



We may be over a year out from the election, and anything can happen in that much time, but there are a few things coming together that I think work greatly in President Trump’s favor. Call it a harmonic convergence of Democratic awful.

The first thing is a carryover from yesterday. Impeachment fever is getting hotter in the Dems’ brains every day and they are not just going to overreach, they are going to WAY overreach. There’s a prime example of the lunacy in Tuesday’s New York TimesAn op-ed titled “Trump Has Disqualified Himself From Running in 2020” is the most hysteria-riddled nonsense they’ve posted yet.

The beauty of that is that none of the coastal media bubble people understand how off-putting their ravings are to at least half of the country. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and won’t be going away anytime soon.

An even bigger boon to Trump is Elizabeth Warren’s rise in the polls. Ultimately, she’s the best-case scenario candidate for the president to face next year. While many in the media are convincing themselves that progressivism is where all of the Democrats are now, that is far from true. A nominee from the fringe won’t win back any of the heartland voters that they lost in 2016.

Wall Street has already signaled unease with a Warren candidacy. That money usually gets spread between the two major presidential candidates. Fauxcahontas has the potential to alienate other businesspeople too.


Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg said that a Warren presidency would pose an existential threat (there we go with that again) to his company. Warren’s anti-capitalism and anti-corporate rantings may not turn Silicon Valley tech money flow to Trump, but it will weaken a deep-pocketed Democratic donor demographic.

Perhaps the best thing working in Trump’s favor at the moment is the fact that Hillary Clinton is on another book tour, constantly in front of cameras and reminding normal people of the bullet America dodged in 2016:

She’s bragging about that on national television while sitting next to her daughter.

Every moment she spends in front of a camera sucks oxygen away from the Democrats who are running. It also keeps fueling speculation that she may jump into the race, which can’t be sowing any party harmony.

There are many days now when it seems as if the Democrats and their media monkeys are doing more to get the president re-elected than he is doing for himself.


Go Liz.

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