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The Morning Briefing: Trump Rallies the American Riff-Raff and All Is Well

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Potus Being Potus

The president of the United States stepped up to a microphone on a stage and did his thing last night, throwing around his political weight to help other Republicans.

Contrary to his predecessor’s way of going about things, President Trump showed up to unabashedly champion members of his own party own who are running for office.

Talk to any serious Democratic operative (rough call, I know) and they will tell you that Barack Obama was all about Barack Obama and cared little for anyone else. President Trump didn’t really have to be in North Carolina for a rally, but the Republican Party needed him there.

There is no doubt that President Trump is in it to win it for 2020 and that he would prefer to have an agreeable Congress for his second term. He didn’t have to be sweating in the late summer North Carolina heat and humidity on Monday, but the GOP desperately needed him to be there.

President Trump made a very valid point about Democrats and religion that may trigger the Left, even though they have nothing available to refute the claim.

The polls may not favor the president at the moment, but his rallies seem to be showing strength going into next year.

Sound familiar?

The Left will be even more awful now.

Sarah Palin is now going to be going through a divorce, which is awful. The Leftmedia will have a field day with this throughout the week, no doubt. They’re awful people, that’s what they do.

I’m one of those rational people who think Palin was the solution to the McCain 2008 problems, not the source of them. The hell that the MSM have put her and her family through since then would be almost impossible for anyone to endure. The present-day attack antics of the Left were established and honed with the way they treated Palin.

Change my mind.

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