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RBG Praises Kavanaugh, ThinkProgress Writer Has a Meltdown

RBG Praises Kavanaugh, ThinkProgress Writer Has a Meltdown
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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been caught committing the ultimate sin in the Era of Permanently Shrill Division: she praised a colleague who she doesn’t always agree with politically.

Business Insider:

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Wednesday night referred to her colleague Justice Brett Kavanaugh as a “very decent” person as she lamented what she characterized as the “dysfunction” surrounding the confirmation process for new justices.

The Notorious RBG obviously hasn’t gotten the memo that anyone falsely accused and smeared by liberals in the name of social justice are to remain permanently smeared, even once they’re exonerated.

RBG had the gumption and audacity to praise another conservative on the court:

Ginsburg replied by defending Kavanaugh and her other relatively new colleague, Justice Neil Gorsuch, according to the National Review.

“My two newest colleagues are very decent, very smart individuals,” Ginsburg said.

Noted ninny and columnist for the progressive website/nuthouse ThinkProgress Ian Millhiser doubted the sincerity of the usually revered Ginsburg’s comments:

It is more than understandable that Millhiser possesses neither the intellectual nor the emotional tools to process a liberal praising a couple of conservatives. Progressives like him live in constant fear of being confronted in person with a contrary opinion. He no doubt surrounds himself with similar non-thinkers who would experience a meltdown if anyone in their circle ever said anything remotely charitable about a conservative.

Millhiser could have to availed himself of a little thing called Google to refresh his memory about RBG’s abiding friendship with the late, great Justice Antonin Scalia.

For anyone else who may have forgotten, here is Ginsburg’s eulogy for Scalia. Enjoy.