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Ben Carson Says Trump and His Tweets Aren't Racist

Ben Carson Says Trump and His Tweets Aren't Racist
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It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this out but it’s always nice to have one weigh in anyway:

The Hill:

Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Ben Carson said Wednesday he does not believe President Trump is a racist, nor did he find the president’s tweets telling minority congresswomen to “go back” to other countries to be racist.

“I have an advantage of knowing the president very well, and he’s not a racist,” Carson said on “America’s Newsroom” on Fox News. “His comments are not racist, but he loves the country very much. And he has a feeling that those who represent the country should love it as well.”

I am on record as being a big fan of President Trump’s lack of filter and the fact that he says and tweets what comes to his mind. It’s what makes him so effective in dealing with an inherently biased and hostile press corps.

However, that same “shoot-from-the-lip” approach can lead to some indelicate moments. His tweets on Sunday fall into that category but I don’t believe for a moment that they were racist.

Secretary Carson offers some rare nuanced and adult perspective:

“I think you can see what the president means by looking at his accomplishments,” Carson said. “Look at his policies. Under this president you see the rising tide lifting all boats. You see low unemployment — record low — for blacks, for Hispanics, for all the demographics of our nation.

“When you have somebody spending this much time and this much effort trying to elevate those who are vulnerable and who are suffering in our society, I think we should pay a lot more attention to what they are doing than what anyone is saying,” he added.

Yes, words matter. If one believes conventional wisdom throughout history though, actions matter more.

What has been going on this past week is the ongoing attempt to immunize AOC and her Gang of Four from any criticism by labeling all of it “RACIST!” That’s why the MSM once again coordinated their message and tweeted or said “Trump’s racist tweets” four or five hundred times a day every day this week so far.

AOC’s “Squad,” as they have come to be known, are the faces of the media’s unhinged, America-as-we-know-it-loathing progressive fever dream. Their continued foul-mouthed denigration of the president of the United States is heaven on Earth for the far left-leaning mainstream media.

They are so desperate to make the Squad a protected class that, prior to Trump’s tweetstorm last weekend, they were siding with them over Speaker Nancy Pelosi in the House Democrats’ internal squabbling.

On Wednesday, AOC reiterated the rules from the Democrat/MSM playbook for painting every Republican as a racist:

As has already been proven this week, elected Republicans who criticize Trump won’t actually get any credit from the Left anyway.

Personally, I think their smear tactics and grandstanding help the president:

AOC and her Squad represent an awful political fringe that most Americans find off-putting at best, and inherently unpatriotic at worst.

Let the Democrats make them their standard-bearers and see how that works out for them.