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Lame: Trevor Noah Thinks Two-Tour Afghanistan Vet Prince Harry Has Never Worked

Lame: Trevor Noah Thinks Two-Tour Afghanistan Vet Prince Harry Has Never Worked
Prince Harry participates in the opening ceremonies of the 2013 Warrior Games at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo., May 11, 2013. (U.S. Air Force photo/Chief Master Sgt. John A. Zincone)

OK, it’s a news satire show but, hey, they’ve just spent a couple of years delivering thoroughly non-comedic garbage regarding the current president of the United States, so I’m going to use different criteria for judging them now.

Here was The Daily Show host Trevor Noah’s hot take the birth of the most recent British royal:

There are any number of reasons to poke fun at royalty, but even joking about the Duke of Sussex being some sort of layabout is kind of weak.

Here is the thing: Harry isn’t your grandfather’s royal, even though they all served in the military back then too.

Prince Harry served two tours in Afghanistan despite the fervent wishes of the British Defense Secretary that he not deploy at all.

Military site We Are The Mighty has more on Harry’s very active involvement during his service:

When his unit and his Gurkha allies were attacked by the Taliban, Prince Harry himself jumped on the .50 cal to hold the line. He successfully repelled the attack all while the Britons back home knew nothing.

Prince Harry returned to England in May 2008 and began his training as an Apache pilot — as is an unofficial tradition among the House of Windsor — and he was damn good. He returned to Afghanistan, now as “Captain Wales.” The Taliban leaders got wind of his return and called for his head. That didn’t scare this badass and his missions were more ramped up.

He returned to England with an untold number of combat missions under his belt (but, supposedly, there were a lot). He left active military service in 2015 but he continues to champion the military and veteran community through his countless organizations. He launched the Invictus Games in 2014 and has been a key figure of Walk With the Wounded, HALO Trust, and London Marathon Charitable Trust.

He wasn’t sitting behind the lines and safely sipping tea.

There is a good chance that The Daily Show staff writers were unaware of Prince Harry’s service because it was SO ten years ago. To borrow a military phrase, they weren’t over the target at all in trying to make him out to be a royal slacker.