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Trump Wants Kaepernick and Kanye to Participate in Race Summit

Trump Wants Kaepernick and Kanye to Participate in Race Summit
(Jonathan Brady/PA Wire, Evan Vucci/AP, Denis Poroy/AP)

A pastor who advises President Trump told People that the president has put the wheels in motion for a series of meetings with “athletes and musical artists to discuss race.”

Pastor Darrell Scott says that Trump is “100 percent for” and “very enthusiastic about” the summit-like gatherings.

Not surprisingly, Kanye West is among the celebrities invited. West has recently broken with most of his fellow entertainers and said some nice things about the president, which has helped Trump’s poll numbers with African-American males.

Quite surprisingly, however, is the inclusion of Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback who — depending on one’s politics — famously or infamously began the kneeling protests that caused the league so much trouble last season. Kaepernick was already out of the league by then, but remained the inspiration of the protest movement. President Trump was very critical of the players who were kneeling, which is why Kaepernick’s invitation to the meetings is an eye-opener.

Pastor Scott says he doesn’t want to “sanitize” the meetings of people from across the political spectrum, which he hopes will be “heated” but “respectful.”

According to People, the details of the mini-summits haven’t yet been worked out but should be by next week.

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