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The Kanye Effect: Trump's Support Among Black Males Doubles

The Kanye Effect: Trump's Support Among Black Males Doubles
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The late, great Andrew Breitbart was forever trying to get conservatives to understand that “politics is downstream from culture.” As someone who has been involved in both the entertainment industry and conservative politics my entire adult life, I can attest to the fact that it’s not an easy idea to sell to many on the right.


We now have a fresh exhibit to help everyone understand a little better:

The Wrap reports that a new Reuters poll shows that support for President Trump among African-American men “doubled from 11 percent, for the week ending April 22, to 22 percent, for the week ending April 29.” The poll also notes that this is the high-water mark for Trump in this survey so far this year.

Yes, the numbers are small, but doubling up is better than doubling down.

What is most remarkable about this “Kanye Effect” is the fact that the left has been working overtime to discredit him for not only speaking against leftist orthodoxy, but remaining unapologetic about it.

The MSM went nuts “reporting” on which celebrities unfollowed Kanye on Twitter, as if that blatantly obvious attempt to publicly shame him would work.


Having failed with that weak approach, the left sent the hive-mind late-night hosts after Kanye.

This perfectly encapsulates why the American left is so terrified of anyone deviating from its script. Freedom of thought and expression are anathema to the groupthink leftists and the collective has no place for individuals.

That’s something worth remembering every time they go on and on about the celebration of diversity.

Something else important to note is that this is being reported on a mainstream Hollywood industry site and not being relegated to just a few center-right blogs.

If just one political mind can be saved…

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