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Top 10 Reasons Liberals Reflexively Blame the NRA for Shootings

Photo by: Ron Sachs/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

Almost as soon as the news of the shooting at YouTube headquarters broke on Tuesday, the usual frothing band of liberals fired up their boilerplate hate tweets and comments for the NRA. Actor Michael Ian Black (Language Warning) took no time to reflexively (and angrily) tweet out the now fashionable “terrorist organization” line.

Of course, none of America’s mass shooters have been NRA members. The NRA doesn’t, as many liberals erroneously claim, provide weapons to people.

So then why are the anti-gun leftists so quick to smear millions of law-abiding Americans whenever a shooting occurs?

Here are my Top 10 reasons.

10: They’re Rage-Filled and Projecting

By the way, I’m using screen shots for some of these tweets because it is the way of the bold, brave Twitter liberal to say something outrageously offensive and threatening, then erase it as soon as too much negative attention comes their way.

Our gal Jenny here is so hate-filled that she doesn’t care if the children of the people who disagree with her die. She’s got anger issues. Most liberals do. They also love to project, so they just assume that everyone who has a gun will one day use it to harm someone. Because that’s what they would do.

9: They’re Not Really Fans of History

This guy is a prime example:

Two of the top three mass shootings in the United States were committed by guys named Omar Saddiqui Mateen and Seung-Hui Cho.

Two of the top three.

The tenth on that list was the terrorist attack by Syed Rizwan Farook and  his wife Tashfeen Malik.

To save everyone the Google time, none of them are white guys.

To the chagrin of anti-gun leftists everywhere, the political leanings of most of these shooters are difficult to determine. Their perverse dream is that a registered Republican with a lifetime NRA membership will one day open fire just so they can say, “Told ya!”

It is a dream that has thus far remained unfulfilled.

The shooter at YouTube was a female, so hat is on the menu for this guy.

8: They Eschew Logic

When you subscribe to a political belief system which posits that the involvement of the federal bureaucracy will bring about greater efficiency and reduced costs (remember the arguments for Obamacare back in the day), you’ve pretty much abandoned linear thought and logic. When you point out that their arguments against the NRA are proceeding from false premises (a liberal favorite), they stare at you blankly because they aren’t quite sure what a premise is or why one should proceed from it. This enables them to leap past what’s actually happening to get to firmly stating that what they want to happen is reality. Why painstakingly connect dots when you can adopt a Jackson Pollock approach to debating and just nonsensically fling words all over an argument to channel the rage inside?

7: They’re Horribly Misinformed

After the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy, the virulent left began working overtime to blame the NRA, rather than the quickly revealed myriad failures by local and federal law enforcement. NRA TV became a particular focus, with calls to Amazon, Apple TV and others who carried it to drop it. A close comedian friend of mine was among the coordinated hordes calling for this censorship, which I found highly disappointing. We’re working on some things together and I reminded her that my weekly appearances on NRA TV are an integral part of my social media/online marketing presence that she so frequently touts. Her response was the liberal stuff about “military style assault weapons,” which prompted me to explain “semi-automatic” versus “fully automatic” and a few more things. People have a right to be mad, but it is helpful to be mad at the right thing.

When it comes to guns, however, anti-gun leftists not only don’t want to bother to be well-informed, they are now calling it “bullying” if any pro-gun people try to correct them:

FYI, what WaPo is calling “jargon” in that article are known in the real world as “facts.”

6: They’re a Hive Mind

The heart of American liberalism in its present, dominantly progressive form is collectivism. There is not a lot of room for free thought with the collectivists. Actually, there is no room. When even the most prominent among them stray from the prevailing orthodoxy, they are brought to heel rather quickly. Because of this, once one of them gets something wrong, they all get it wrong. There is then no room for questioning if they are wrong, as they know what the consequences of the insubordination will be.

Yeah, these are the people who fancy themselves as more enlightened than we are.

5: They Live in Bubbles

The hive mind is kept intact not only by the constant fear of being ostracized, but by the fact that they are rarely, if ever, exposed in person to people who don’t think exactly as they do. I just spent twenty-two years in Los Angeles, I know whence I speak (write, whatever). Liberals are able to create and maintain evil conservative caricatures in their minds because they don’t meet any in real life. I’ve spent my entire adult life as a conservative in the entertainment industry. When other comics and actor friends first found out about my politics they were a) shocked because they just assumed everyone in the industry was liberal and, b) stunned that I didn’t have claws, fangs, and wasn’t feasting on the more vulnerable among them.

4: They’re Horrible at Identifying Real Enemies

See: Islamic Terrorism

3: They’re Euro Fetishists

American liberals don’t want America to be America, they want it to be Sweden or France or England. They want smoke-filled cafes. They want government health care. They want to be able to call the United States if a hostile neighbor overruns their borders and occupies them.

Oh wait…

2: Liberals Hate the Constitution

OK, they love the 16th Amendment. However, they despise the freedom-related amendments most of us hold dear. We know that they hate the 2nd Amendment. Progressives in academia have been working feverishly to dismantle the due process guarantees in the 5th and 14th Amendments. Sure, they’ll pay lip service (minor pun intended) to the 1st, but that’s a ruse. They loathe free speech if the speech runs afoul of their beliefs. They’re pretty free-wheeling with what they label “hate speech” these days. You can just feel that they’d love legal recourse against wrong speak. If, as noted earlier in the post, the introduction of facts into a debate is deemed “bullying” by them, you can just imagine how quickly that slope would get slippery if they get free rein in criminalizing words, which they’ve already tried to do.

If they succeed in repealing the Second Amendment, which they are openly advocating for now, it’s a fair bet that speech and due process will soon be gutted.

1: Deep Down, They Know We’re Better People Than They Are

This is a conversation that many of us on the pro-gun side of the aisle have, as I’m sure most of you are aware. If, as the rabid anti-gun left claims, we NRA types are terrorists and the mere presence of a gun makes a shooting more likely to happen, why antagonize us? They’re very public about not caring whether we live or die and wishing the worst upon us and our families. Is that really the best way to approach a terrorist with an itchy trigger finger? (I can hardly wait to see how many of them share this paragraph out of context).

Of course it isn’t, but they know they aren’t doing that. Some (many, probably) may only know it subconsciously, but they do know it.

The rage towards us comes not only from their nagging cognitive dissonance (full-on psychotic break for some of them), but from the fact that they know they can get away with it. We aren’t anything like what they say we are. We’re not wishing death upon people we disagree with politically.

They are.

It’s no wonder they’re all so full of rage-their monsters are nicer than they are.