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Orange County To Take On State of California Over Sanctuary Laws

Last week, the small city of Los Alamitos, CA, voted itself to be exempt from California’s pro-illegal immigrant sanctuary stance. The Los Angeles Times reported that “legal experts” were “doubtful Los Alamitos can prevail,” but the city is no longer going it alone.

According to KPCC radio in Pasadena, CA, Orange County is now taking a stand as well:

Orange County leaders voted Tuesday to join a Trump administration lawsuit against California over its law aimed at protecting immigrants from stepped-up deportations.

The all-Republican Board of Supervisors in the county of 3.2 million people made the decision in a closed 3-0 vote. It took place ahead of a raucous public debate about another proposal targeting the California law — whether to support an effort by the small city of Los Alamitos in Orange County to opt out of the policy.

Not surprisingly, California’s vehemently anti-Trump attorney general, Xavier Becerra, is not amused:

A local jurisdiction, whether it’s a county or a city, will have to be able to explain if it decides not to follow state law, why it doesn’t — and of course, any time you don’t follow the law, you’re going to be subject to the penalties that might be part of that law

The core of the lawsuit that the Trump administration has filed against California involves the relationship between federal and state law. Now the question of local law being subordinate to state law is being brought to the forefront.

Having just left California after 22 years there, I was often frustrated that the Republicans there didn’t fight back much. There are a lot more of them in the state than most people think, but they just roll over and shut up too much. However all of this ends up in the courts, it is, at the very least, important because it lets the God-awful super majority in Sacramento know that everyone in the state isn’t on board with their radical, pro-illegal immigrant agenda.