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Liberals Upset That Gary Sinise Has Been Chosen as the Rose Parade Grand Marshal

(Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

When casting about for obvious signs of the decline of the American experiment one will usually run into the “plight” of the perpetually aggrieved and angry liberals first. I put “plight” in quotation marks because virtually everything in life is one for that crowd.

In reality, there isn’t enough to sustain that kind of anger, so people have to start reaching after a while.

Case in point: the 2018 Tournament of Roses Parade.

LA Weekly reports that the parade’s organizing committee is catching grief for choosing Gary Sinise as the grand marshal of the New Year’s Day event.

Sinise’s big sin, according to the Weekly, is that he long ago founded a group that now has supporters of  President Trump, who is “now historically unpopular in California.”

There is virtually nothing in the article pointing to Sinise being the problem other than this connection to a group that he hasn’t been involved with for a very long time. The article offers no direct proof of the amount of support Trump may or may not have received from said group but that is enough to accuse, try, and convict Sinise for a variety of perceived ills.

The Weekly quotes someone from a “pro-immigration” group who said, “This is a region understood to be friendly to immigrants for centuries.” She then goes on to complain that Sinise isn’t “representative of the region.” No proof whatsoever is offered that Sinise isn’t “friendly to immigrants,” nor does it explain why he doesn’t represent the region.

More often than not, the Rose Parade features a celebrity grand marshal connected to the television and/or film industries, which would make Sinise quite representative.

The article is one long tantrum about President Trump that they are trying to make stick to Sinise. To say it’s reaching would redefine understatement. The only actual fact about Sinise that the author points to involves him disagreeing with then-candidate Trump over his remarks about John McCain.

Once mostly crypto-fascists, the American left is letting its totalitarian freak flag fly more and more these days. The people who are making a stink about Sinise want to publicly condemn someone who has a connection that is tenuous at best to people who might have voted for Donald Trump last year. It’s a kangaroo court of public opinion.

One would be hard pressed to find a prominent voice to speak ill of Gary Sinise. Google “gary sinise well respected” and you’ll find a lot of mainstream media sources singing his praises. Using him as a vehicle to act out because they still haven’t learned to emotionally deal with last year’s election is yet another low for the “tolerant” liberal crowd.