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At the Very Least, Trump's Victory Saved Us From #PantSuitNation

As voters woke up around America on Tuesday to vote, Democrat women were pretty much convinced that they were about to elect the first female president of the United States. So how did the women of America celebrate the momentous occasion?

By celebrating Hillary Clinton’s hideous fashion choices.

“Tonight, I hope we’ll finally break through that highest, hardest glass ceiling together, and use those pantsuits for the best occasion of all — celebrating!” she wrote to the secret hub.

A secret Facebook group filled with more than 2.8 million supporters of Hillary Clinton received a special message from the candidate herself on Election Day.

Pantsuit Nation is a Facebook group unaffiliated with the campaign. A Maine resident started it two weeks ago as a safe place to show support for Clinton in what has been such a contentious election year. On Tuesday, Hillary for America’s head of digital Jenna Lowenstein said she showed Clinton some of the messages posted within the invite-only Facebook hub and the Democratic presidential candidate gave her a note to share with the group.

It picked up steam on Twitter all day, with the hashtag #PantSuitNation becoming very popular during the voting hours. Women were wearing pantsuits to the polls, taking pictures and sharing them. It was a celebration of sartorial ick.

So while there may have been a lot of division on the right in this election, we can all take comfort in the fact that Donald Trump’s most improbable win will spare us from this kind of nonsense:

This is a good place for a collective sigh of relief.