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Biden Has No Interest in a Clinton Cabinet Position

Politico decided to tease the Democrats last night by promising them that they may not have to say goodbye to Crazy Joe the Wonder Veep after January 20, 2017:


I monitor a lot of people on both sides of the American political aisle and I can tell you that this little nugget had the Democrats filled with a kind of joy that their nominee never could bring them. Biden is like the wind-up toy of politics: mindlessly entertaining. The “mindless” part is always what I have worried about when considering the “one heartbeat away” stuff.

Well, it turns out that Joe isn’t looking for a new gig in Washington.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden said on Friday he is not interested in serving under Democrat Hillary Clinton if she is elected president.

“I’ll do anything I can if Hillary’s elected to help her, but I don’t want to remain in the administration,” Biden said in an interview with NBC’s KBJR affiliate in Duluth, Minnesota.

This is easy to understand. If he goes from being vice president to the secretary of state job he’s going to have to work for the first time in eight years. There’s also the fact that Biden has been around and knows that all of the Hillary people will be spending every waking moment defending her scandal du jour, an opinion that was heavily reinforced today.


It’s been a good run, Joe. You were in the Senate for almost all of America’s existence, and you came within a spot on the organizational chart of the job you coveted.

Now please leave us alone.

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