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Obama Has Marco Rubio on His Mind During Speech

(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Via Mediaite:

President Obama today went on another angry rant against Republicans who have cynically jumped around on whether or not they support Donald Trump. And because he was in Miami, he singled out Marco Rubio.

He trashed the Florida Republican for committing to vote for Trump despite calling him a dangerous con man who can’t be trusted with nuclear weapons (comments Rubio never really took back, by the way).

And whatever separation of Trump and state existed before, Obama tore down the rest of it when he said that “Trump didn’t come out of nowhere.” He declared that for years, “far right media outlets” have been ginning up “all kinds of toxic crazy stuff,” but Republicans who knew better looked the other way.

America’s Attention Seeker in-Chief is having a hard time letting go. He’s clinging to the spotlight like a screaming toddler to his comfort blankey.

This game the media plays where it digs up what was said during primaries is tedious. Yes, candidates say bad things about other candidates when they are trying to defeat them, then stop saying those things when the party moves on to the general election. Making a big deal out of primary rhetoric is childish. Only Republicans, of course, are goaded by the press to disavow their comments. Bernie Sanders has been resting comfortably, almost no one bringing up what he said about Dame van der Cankles and asking him to take the comments back.

I don’t think The Lightbringer spent time talking about Rubio just because he was in Miami. I think it’s because the Democrats are very, very sad that Rubio didn’t go into private life as he promised. In this year where everything is coming up anti-Trump roses for them, the specter of Marco Rubio taking another run in 2020 disturbs them. There are a lot of Republicans who weren’t big Rubio supporters this year who are also not Trump fans and have softened their position on the senator from Florida.

No rational person thinks Hillary Clinton will be healthy and in office for a long time, and the Democrats know that just a few years of her could be enough to make people who voted for her just because they don’t like Trump say, “What the hell were we thinking?”

President Obama had very little to say about Rubio’s opponent Patrick Murphy; he was far more interested in tearing Rubio down than building Murphy up.

Because he wasn’t really thinking about this election.