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MSNBC's Chris Hayes: 'Lucky' that Bombs Were Used Instead of Guns in Weekend Attacks

It’s still breakfast time here on the West Coast and MNSBC’s Chris Hayes has already said the dumbest thing you’ll hear all week regarding the past weekend’s bomb attacks:

He’s getting raked over all the coals available on social media for this but, true to MSNBC fashion, he’s not backing down. The tweet is still up. Remember, this kind of non-thinking is actually rewarded there.

Only in the ideologically diseased mind of a progressive could getting blown up be perceived as “lucky.” They’re so knee-jerk in their irrational hatred of guns that they can’t resist getting in a dig about just how scary they are, even when that dig is patently insane to any observer with an IQ over 17. In Hayes’ tiny mind, this probably still seems like a perfectly rational statement, as it advances the “EVIL GUNS” leftist narrative, and pimping that narrative is all he’s paid to do.