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Former DNC Chair Howard Dean: 'Labor Unions Are Super-Pacs Democrats Like'


Former Gov. Howard Dean (D-Vt.) said Friday that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) should not boast about his freedom from super-PACs given his ties with organized labor.

“I don’t hear anybody asking Bernie Sanders for transcripts of some speech he made for a labor union,” he told host Andrea Mitchell on “MSNBC Live.”

“For Bernie to say he doesn’t have a super-PAC…labor unions are super-PACs. Labor unions are super-PACs Democrats like so we don’t go after labor unions.”

I never thought I would keep a Howard Dean quote at the ready for arguments with lefties but this is definitely getting a permanent place in the ol’ debate arsenal.

Dean has just exposed the greatest lie that modern Democrats tell voters: that they abhor money in politics. In reality, they abhor money that will be spent on Republicans, which is why they want private sector funds removed from the political process.

Progressives like Sanders pretend that money coerced from dues-paying members in states without right-to-work laws is untainted, which is one of the more twisted concepts in an extraordinarily twisted political philosophy.

Dean probably didn’t want this quote out there but the pro-Hillary partisans are desperate to right her sinking ship and he isn’t known for his strong verbal-filter skills.

The real reason Democrats want Citizens United overturned is that it lends disproportionate weight to the money Big Labor spends on politics.

And they spend it all on Democrats.