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Sanders Team Prepping for Challenge of Iowa Caucus Results

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

As noted here earlier, it is now difficult for even the Democrat Media Complex to ignore the stench of potential fraud surrounding the results of the Iowa Democratic caucuses on Monday night.

For the longest time, it didn’t appear that Bernie Sanders had any real interest in winning the Democratic nomination. It looked like he just wanted to shift the conversation but not do anything like hit Hillary in areas where she’s vulnerable.

Consider his interest piqued.

Bernie Sanders’ campaign is laying the groundwork for what could be a challenge to the Iowa Democratic caucus results, a step that could lead to a divisive and drawn-out dispute with Hillary Clinton.

The campaign has committed roughly 10 core staff members and volunteers, based in Sanders’ Des Moines headquarters and in locations across Iowa, to calling the campaign’s precinct captains from each of the state’s 1,681 precincts to make sure their results matched up with the official reported numbers.

After meeting with the leadership of the Iowa Democratic Party in Des Moines on Wednesday, the Sanders campaign is now also reaching out to some of Martin O’Malley’s precinct captains to double-check whether their tallies were the same as the state party’s results.

This week has already been a disaster for Hillary. Her cakewalk hit a socialist-sized speed bump in Iowa and all the professional spin in the world can’t make that almost tie seem like a real victory. She was supposed to be able to spend this campaign on a private jet and occasionally tossing bon-bons from a limo to her adoring hordes. There wasn’t supposed to be any work involved. The poor dear needs her naps, after all.

While the results in Iowa weren’t permanently damaging, if it is determined that her campaign or other Democrat officials in Iowa schemed to throw the numbers for her she’s going to have a hard time blaming that mess on the Republicans.

Maybe then Senator Socialist will be more at ease questioning her integrity.