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FBI: Firearms Background Checks at All-Time High in 2015

Greatest gun salesman in America keeps at it.

President Obama’s ongoing push for gun control is backfiring, according to critics, who cite new federal data that shows Americans are more interested than ever in getting their hands on firearms.

A record 23,141,970 background checks were conducted on prospective gun buyers in 2015, according to year-end FBI data, up 15 percent from the previous year and nearly double the figure from 2008, the year before Obama took office. Second Amendment advocates say interest in guns spikes whenever Obama publicly decries gun violence or calls for new measures to restrict firearms.

These figures indicate a couple of things, the first being that the American public isn’t at all on board with Obama’s anti-gun agenda, a point we have been making here for some time. Regular, law-abiding Americans are gun owners, despite the progressive “criminals and rednecks” narrative. This is something even Bernie Sanders gets:

“Maybe some of them don’t understand that in a rural state – not just Vermont, not just New Hampshire, but all over this country – you have husbands and wives and kids who go out and they hunt,” Sanders explained. “And it is a way of life in my state. A majority of the people in my state own guns.”

The “vast majority, 99.9 percent of gun owners, are not criminals,” he continued. “They don’t use their guns in illegal ways. And I think it’s important to understand. You know?

The second thing the figures clearly show is the Obama and his anti-gun minions are lying a lot. In their telling of the story, background checks aren’t prevalent and an expansion of them (where possible) is going to have some magical effect on gun violence committed by criminals. If you bump into someone very new to the debate who is merely spouting talking points heard on MSNBC, you’d think there weren’t any background checks at all.

This is an issue that is still going nowhere for this president who is more than a little obsessed with his legacy these days, which probably means he’s just getting warmed up when it comes to executive action on it.