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Former 'MSNBC' Blowhard Ed Schultz Gets New Gig with 'Russia Today'

Via CNN Money:

Ed Schultz, the progressive talk radio host and former MSNBC personality, has landed at RT America — the Kremlin-backed cable news channel that has been criticized for advocating a pro-Russian agenda.

Schultz will host “News with Ed Schultz,” a 30-minute newscast at 8 p.m. weeknights.

“It will put me in a different light,” Schultz said in a phone interview with CNNMoney, meaning he’ll deliver “less commentary” than he did on MSNBC. “But the stories are going to be very similar — very connected to the American middle class.”

RT America is an arm of Russia Today. Asked about concerns that Russia’s funding of the channel will slant his coverage, he said, “I think that’s hogwash. Absolutely ridiculous. Nobody’s going to tell Ed Schultz what to say or how to say it or what stories to pick.”

File this under: “Stuff Even Olbermann Won’t Do”

The real reason the Russia funding not a problem is that Schultz’s “workers” rhetoric and bashing of any American politicians who don’t lean commie fit right in over there. It wouldn’t be surprising to find that Schultz has a portrait of Vladimir Putin hanging over his head.

Big Ed’s years of experience at MSNBC should help him to seamlessly transition to another network that nobody watches.