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Donald Trump Has Just Gotten More Than 24 Hours of Free, Non-Damaging Publicity for Using One Word

(AP Photo/Mic Smith, File)

Here is a quick sampling of popular site (two political, one entertainment) headlines from tonight:
The Wrap Trump

These aren’t all of the ones in my feed tonight, three is enough to give you the idea of the theme. Bear in mind that this is all more than 24 hours after his comment.

Depending on which non-Trump ideological and emotional ground you’ve staked out this primary season, these Trump media episodes are either interminably frustrating, extraordinarily pathetic, or exceedingly amusing. I embrace both of the latter two choices as I always find the modern-day media pathetic and am quite amused by the way Trump stirs them up like mindless brine shrimp in a jar of water. Again, I am not a Trump fan as far as the election goes, but this is very entertaining.

It is rather stunning to see the media still getting that “We’ve got him this time!” attitude whenever Trump says something that one doesn’t normally hear from a politician. They then spend an entire news cycle talking about him, all the while Jeb! Bush jumps up and down in the corner yelling, “GUYS, I’m over here!”

Trump embraces the attention, doubles down on whatever he said, and drives his Republican and Democrat detractors that much closer to needing a year in a rehab facility.

As someone who long ago grew weary of the MSM playing gotcha politics with Republicans, it is kind of fun seeing them never get him.

From the beginning, I’ve maintained that attention seekers like Trump fear only one thing: being ignored.

If you’re talking about him all the time and hoping your words are doing some damage, well, you’re just going to keep getting…

you know.