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What Happens When California Man Tries to Rob Florida Woman?

Crime of the century:

Noah Dassat, 33, beat down the door of a North Port home Thursday, according to a police press release.

The California man allegedly went after the family of five — which included three children, ages 2, 9 and 10 — with a black wooden baseball bat.

After a brief struggle, father Jason Petty caught Dassat in a bear hug, while his wife Allison Young nabbed the burglar’s bat — and beat him with it.

Bleeding heavily and sporting “significant head injuries,” Dassat fled on foot, leaving behind his bat and a hat, according to a police report obtained by the Daily News.

The hatless cat burglar was later apprehended after giving a fake name at a Port Charlotte hospital.

Was it Seymour Batts?

Just remember: “Bat control” means not dropping yours and then getting beaten with it.