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DEVASTATING: Non-Profit Coalition Waiting for Wheels-Up on Last Civilian Plane Out of Kabul

AP Photo/Rahmat Gul

Chad Robichaux is waiting for the text telling him that the last plane of refugees is wheels-up. Together with Glenn Beck’s Nazarene Fund, Robichaux’s organization, Mighty Oaks, has been evacuating Afghan translators, their families, and Afghan Christians since the weekend. He is sure that when this aircraft goes wheels-up, it will be the last plane out.

Even if the United States maintains a presence through the August 31 deadline, it will be for show. On Beck’s radio show, Robichaux provided a horrific bird’s eye view of what is happening at the airport in Kabul. Our government has sealed the entrances, and ISIS-K has bombed both the Abbey Gate and the nearby Baron Hotel, with deadly consequences.

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Robichaux’s operators at the airport are reporting chaos, and survivors are using wheelbarrows to transport the injured. They tell him there are dead infants inside the concertina wire because desperate parents were hoping their children would be evacuated. There are whispers that fathers are shooting their daughters to save them from life under the Taliban.

Robichaux, a former recon Marine, has dedicated his life post-service to supporting our veterans. He founded Mighty Oaks to provide a wide range of services for returning military members. Watching the disaster on the ground, he blames the White House and military leaders.

The Biden administration put the State Department in charge of noncombatant evacuation operations (NEO). Robichaux said they are running the Kabul airport like an embassy; they are paralyzed and unable to act and it is an embarrassment to the country. He said the White House took over the operation from the Pentagon because of concern that our soldiers’ emotional investment in our Afghan allies after a 20-year engagement would distract them.

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Everyone from General Milley on down is forcing our soldiers to do their jobs in a way that is immoral and unconscionable. It will cost American lives. The nightmare is just beginning.

The non-profit coalition has evacuated 5,200 people free of charge, far less than they had hoped. As Robichaux waits for the wheels-up notification on the last civilian plane in Kabul, he wants accountability: “This is not political, Trump versus Biden like it has been for the last few years. This is about what is morally right. We need to hold this White House accountable.”