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Dr. Fauci Finally Admits President Trump 'Very Likely' Has Some Level of Immunity to COVID-19

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Dr. Anthony Fauci finally had to admit, for the entire world to hear, that President Trump has some level of immunity to COVID-19. Why there is any debate over this is a mystery, given the virus’s similarity to SARS and other coronaviruses. No one who understands the basics of the human immune system and viruses should be remotely surprised.

This admission was made during an interview with Jake Tapper. Dr. Fauci appeared to complain about his public comments being used in a Trump campaign ad related to the coronavirus response. If you don’t want your comments to be used as others see fit, don’t go on television so much. The good doctor has sure seemed to enjoy the limelight, the media dependence on his opinion, and getting magazine covers. It cuts both ways.

As you will see on the chyron, Dr. Fauci was also there to criticize President Trump returning to holding rallies. Funny, Dr. Fauci was not particularly critical during the massive protests and riots that went on for weeks in the wake of George Floyd’s death. But he assures you he is not political. That’s why he’s upset that his quote was used in an ad. Supposedly.

When Tapper asked him if President Trump saying he is immune to COVID-19 because he has recovered, Fauci responded:

The problem with the word immune is it means different things to different individuals Jake. If he means that he’s been infected and having been infected and recovered that he will not get infected again, that’s true for a limited period of time. But what we do not know is how long that protection lasts. So, technically speaking, from an immunological standpoint, he has an immune response in him that very likely would protect him from being reinfected.

The immunity admission matters because, as Michael Thau at RedState pointed out, there are some related facts Dr. Fauci needs to share with the American public since he is well aware of them.

But there’s something else that Fauci and CDC Director Robert Redfield both deceived Congress about more recently that makes their hysterical push to get us to take a COVID-19 vaccine even more disturbing. Namely, the fact that dozens of research studies have shown that a lot of us already have immunity from prior contact with common but harmless variant strains of coronavirus.

Thau notes that Fauci and Dr. Redfield from the CDC have lied to Congress about these studies in recent testimony. Redfield told our legislators that 90% of us are still susceptible to infection from COVID-19. This was corrected by Dr. Scott Atlas, a member of the Coronavirus Task Force, who is often vilified in the press because he does not toe the line on their preferred narrative. Thau summarizes:

Researchers have known since the middle of the last century that, besides antibody-producing B-cells, your body also has a second equally important defense against infections provided by T-cells.

One function of T-cells is to stimulate B-cells to produce antibodies. But T-cells can also fight off a virus even if your immune system doesn’t have the ability to generate antibodies against it by directly attacking and killing infected cells

Moreover, even if it turns out that immunity from antibodies fades quickly, crossover immunity from T-cells doesn’t. As I reported a couple of months back in a column on some related new research indicating that COVID-19 isn’t very infectious, T-cell immunity to coronaviruses has been shown to last as long as 17 years.

Studies have shown that individuals who were exposed to SARS, even in the initial outbreak in 2003, had crossover immunity to COVID-19. The surprising finding in this research was that individuals who did not have SARS but were exposed to other coronaviruses also had crossover immunity. Estimates are that 40-60% of the population have this immune response.

In separate testimony, Fauci and Senator Rand Paul had a heated exchange about this research. Fauci cited a recent study that contradicted the crossover immunity findings. A study with this finding would defy all scientific knowledge about how the immune system functions. Fauci has also never produced this study or provided details as to its origin.

However, Fauci went straight to the media to criticize Dr. Atlas for sharing the crossover immunity information with the White House press corps, contradicting Dr. Redfield’s testimony. But remember, he’s not political. Thau again sums it up perfectly:

On Fauci’s way of thinking, Redfield had exercised his prerogative to lie to the peasants and Dr. Atlas had despicably sided with the peasants by trying to expose one of their masters’ deception. And, if you think that description is in any way sarcastic, you’re still not getting what’s happening to us.

Thau’s article does an excellent job of tying this deliberate attempt to mislead the public with the push for significant portions of the population to agree to be vaccinated. It is lengthy, but a must-read to understand the full picture of how public policy and public perception are being manipulated.

It is good to see Fauci finally admit that the president likely has antibodies that will protect him for several months. Now, Fauci needs to come clean on the crossover immunity research—or he should be removed from the task force. The panic porn and draconian policies depend on the outsize risk assessment provided by Fauci and Redfield. The record must be corrected immediately.

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