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Slapfight! Rosenstein Vs. McCabe As Spygate Testimony Begins

Slapfight! Rosenstein Vs. McCabe As Spygate Testimony Begins
Jim Lo Scalzo/Pool via AP

This is going to be delicious. Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham made his intention to subpoena key players in the Crossfire Hurricane scandal clear in May. His list includes a Hall of Shame of Obama officials who oversaw departments that appear to have framed Michael Flynn and others based on bogus Russian disinformation. All the bigwigs, James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper are on the list.

The testimony kicked off this week with former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein. He oversaw the Justice Department and signed several FISA warrants on Carter Page. He also appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller after it appears to have been well known in the FBI that Crossfire Hurricane was a dead end.

During the course of his testimony, Rosenstein accused former FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe of not fully informing him of all of the evidence, or lack thereof in the case. This did not apparently sit well with McCabe who was fired by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the conclusion of an Inspector General report that found McCabe lied to investigators about leaking information related to the Hillary Clinton e-mail investigation.

In a statement that was read during the hearing, McCabe asserted:

“Mr. Rosenstein’s claims to have been misled by me, or anyone from the FBI, regarding our concerns about President Trump and the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russia are completely false,” McCabe said in a statement.

McCabe said he “personally briefed” Rosenstein on memos former FBI Director James Comey wrote to memorialize a series of interactions with President Trump that made him feel uncomfortable. Comey later had a friend leak these memos to The New York Times.

Because we should always believe a demonstrated partisan liar and leaker, right? Graham read the statement prior to the close of the hearing and allowed Rosenstein to respond. McCabe essentially accused Rosenstein of being President Trump’s stooge and complicit in an effort to cover up nefarious actions. It’s really almost comical:

“Mr. Rosenstein’s testimony is completely at odds with the factual record. It looks to be yet another sad attempt by the President and his men to rewrite the history of their actions in 2017. They have found in Mr. Rosenstein – then and now – a willing accessory in that effort,” McCabe concluded.

It is highly doubtful anyone involved with the Crossfire Hurricane investigation could be called a fan of the president, let alone a complicit agent. In the face of the Mueller report’s conclusions and the recent Brady material release in General Flynn’s case, the idea that anyone other than the collusion hoaxers are trying to rewrite history is laugh-out-loud funny.

Rosenstein clarified he did not say McCabe misled him. He told the committee McCabe was not fully forthcoming in a timely manner. Given all of the facts in the case that Rosenstein claims not to have been aware of when signing warrants and appointing a special counsel, it would seem his assertion could be accurate. The public record now shows what the FBI knew and went along with their thoughts at the time.

As the rats scurry, they will be desperate not to go alone. Especially as more documents are released related to the case. I have to say, I rather enjoy Lindsey Graham 2.0. At least he’s getting incensed over the big stuff. Kavanaugh and spying on a presidential campaign. It’s progress.

As Graham issues subpoenas buy stock in popcorn. Comey’s testimony on the January 5, 2017, White House meeting and the subsequent meeting with the President elect in Trump Tower is going to be lit. The only question is which one of these detestable and unethical political operatives masquerading as leaders of law enforcement and intelligence is going to end up with the most tire marks on their chest from former colleagues throwing them under the bus.

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