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The Left Has A Death Wish

The left has a deep-seated death wish.  By which I don’t mean they’re presenting themselves in the wrong light or whatever, I mean an actually bonafide death wish.  They hate themselves, they hate the civilization that created them.  They wish both would die.

They try to disguise this, of course, most of all to themselves, hence their endless panics about how Trump is going to put them in camps, or whatever the latest faddish fear is.  But it’s there.

You know in the seventies, when Iran declared war on us, took our people as hostage and Jimmy – Smiler – Carter did not immediately pound them into the dirt and sacrificed more of our people in an ill-planned attempt to spring them.

Then there was 9/11.  How long did it take for the lefties to go from shocked horror to “we deserved it” or “we deserve this because of how evil we are?”

I know some that made the flip in 24h.  And one who started saying the attack didn’t matter anyway, because more people die every week in the highways of America.

And then they turned to worry OBSESSIVELY about “Islamophobia.”

Some of my lefty acquaintances went to hold hands around the local mosque to “protect” it. From whom?  I don’t know.

Note that they still have not a single bad word to say about Islam.  If they judged it as they judge Christianity, they wouldn’t shut up about the way they treat American gays.  Pretty much twenty-four seven.

But no.  The Jihadis would kill most of the left’s hard-core partisans, and so they love, love, love Islam, the more aggressive the better.

Death Wish.

Who can forget the sappy, insane poem that Neil Gaiman’s wife wrote to the Tsarnev brothers after their murder of innocents at the Boston Maraton.

Who in the right mind writes a sappy poem idolizing and justifying mass murderers unless they have a death wish.

Yesterday, we saw yet another manifestation of this.  Faced with the murder of a young woman in Texas by an illegal immigrant, the left swung into action asking for more, harder, please.

Elizabeth – Fake Feather bonnet – Warren did the equivalent of saying “but that’s not important right now.  The big problem is that they’re separating families at the border and we need to do something about that.”

Yes, we do, Betty dear.  We need to make sure those kids weren’t kidnapped and aren’t being sold for that sex trafficking your side claims to be so worried about.  We also need to make sure any scumbags bringing in stolen or purchased kids do a good long term in a jail that mimics the conditions of Mexican jails.  The other families?  The real ones?  Return to sender.  Sorry, but all the wave of immigration you guys wish is gifting us with the type of immigrant we need least: a flood wave of unskilled laborers. No thank you.  It also allows Mexico to continue being the province of oligarchic fat cats that send their problem children and troublemakers North and live happy and contented on their remittances home.

Who, faced with the murder of a citizen by an illegal immigrant thinks the problem is that we are too harsh on illegal immigrants?  Who, but someone with a strong death wish.

She wasn’t alone either.  When I said the left swung into action, I mean the left swung into action, in a manner similar to what they did after 9/11.

On my Facebook stream (I retain a lot of friends who are lefties, mostly because it gives me the feel for what they’re feeling and “thinking.”  Yes, they spend a lot of time muted, for the sake of my sanity, but if I want to check on them, I can) there were moans about what did it matter if the murderer was an illegal.  20-year-old Mollie Tibbetts could have gotten murdered by anyone else.  Or died in a car accident.

This is the equivalent of your getting shot in your kitchen by an intruder because your door lock was defective and the left saying that we could have been shot outside the home.  Or a frying pan might have fallen on our heads.

Who the heck would do that? What happened to “caring” so much that they regulate how we drive and our medicines and everything so we “can’t get hurt”?  Whatever happened to “even one is too many?”

Who would ignore the fact that the man was here illegally?  That people who come here illegally know they’re breaking the law and that they’ll have to live outside the law here?  That the people are willing to do that might be acting out of desperation, sure, but they also have to be comfortable with breaking the law and living outside the law.  Does this predispose them to further break the law?  H*ll it’s a miracle they don’t all break the law.

And then there’s the way Latin culture — particularly in the lower classes — treats women.  As a friend who lives in a majority-Mexican (mostly illegal) immigrant area (she’s newly married and broke.  That’s life) puts it “In most of the western world beating your wife is something you at least try to keep secret and at least pretend you’re ashamed of doing.  Where I live?  It’s a fun sport you engage in on Friday night, to let steam off.”

Seriously.  I was born and raised in Portugal, which is at least somewhat European, and yet wife beating was so common and expected I was told I was a dreamer to want to marry someone who didn’t beat me. (My family — at least on dad’s side — was an exception to this, but I’d have to be dumb deaf and blind not to know it was going on all around.)  By twelve I carried a hat pin with me in public transport, to prevent pervs from performing frottage against me.  It’s just the way it was. Everyone knew.  Smart women carried pins.  If I were out after eight, alone, no one could answer for my safety.  Women were assumed to be prostitutes if out alone at night.  Any man out in public felt the right to shout explicit sexual comments (not wolf whistling, or even things about how pretty you are, but things they’d like you to do to them) at any woman from eight to eighty.  It was background noise, to the point you ignored it. If a woman left her parents’ home against her parents’ will, no matter how old she was — if unmarried — the police would find her and return her “home.”

I suspect (I haven’t visited long enough to ascertain) that all of this is at least somewhat better, if for no other reasons that most of the lower class is perma-stoned, and that everyone is getting old.

But the culture is there and it is what it is and it takes way more than a generation to change.

I suspect all of these are the same only more so in Mexico – from contact with recent immigrants.

So, an illegal immigrant killing a woman who is out jogging alone is not a surprise.  It’s happened before.  Will happen again.

And sure, she might have been killed by one of our home-grown crazies.  Of course, she could.  But she wasn’t.  She was killed by an intruder who had no business being there.

Saying she might have died anyway is a very weird fig-leaf to pull over the whole situation.

And what happens when our stupidly open border gets illegally crossed by a Jihadi who entered via Mexico? And when he manages to take thousands of victims?  Telling me that they might all have died in car accidents doesn’t do anything to make it better, or to prevent it from happening again.

There is only one explanation for the left’s reaction to these incidents: The left has a death wish.

Now I think about it, it also explains the left’s idolization of Che Guevara, who liked to murder students, black people, gay people — the groups the left claims to favor and many of whom support it — as well, of course, as puppies and kids and other people the left claims to protect.

It explains why they loved Mao, including his skanky poems.  Oh, and they thought Lenin and Stalin were great too.

The left has a death wish.

Born in the wealthiest, strongest nation on Earth, one where the poor live like the middle class of other countries (and the rich of many) these crazy people were told that wealth is a finite pie and that if you have excess others must have a lack.  And they’re too dumb to figure out the finite pie thing is a ridiculous lie.  (No? How much wealth do you think there was in the world in caveman days?)

They feel guilty all the time.  They hate themselves, their nation and everything that allows them to be well taken care of.  They obsess about this night and day.

They’d eat a bullet, only they’re way too cowardly, so they run after anyone who shows any intent to kill them, idolizing them and begging for death.

They don’t really believe the right in this country wants to kill them.  If they did, they’d lick our feet.

Instead, they resent us and hate us because we insist on defending the country and not letting bad guys come in and make it a sh*thole like other sh*tholes.  This makes us evil and bad because we don’t want to give away all we have and live in misery or be killed by scum.

This is the real cause of their unhinged hatred of their domestic opponents.  And their mad love for murderous foreigners.

The left has a death wish.  It wants to commit suicide by criminal. Which would be great if they were only trying to kill themselves.

But since when a civilization dies it takes down the crazy suicidal ones with the sane ones who are just trying to have a life and raise babies, we can’t let them kill ours.

If they really, desperately want someone to kill them, I encourage them to bicycle through ISIS territory.

As for the rest of us, we’ll keep demanding better borders and better defense against bad actors abroad. Because we don’t want to die, nor do we owe anything to savages.

There are no noble savages.  There are only savages.  And no amount of apologies or appeasing will stop them wanting to kill us.

Our duty is to defend ourselves.