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The Left Needs Nazis


Today a friend shared this photo, which had been shared by a no-longer-as-of-today friend of hers on Facebook. Not to endorse it, but to show how crazy people have gotten. You see, my friend, thinking that her friend was misinformed, or perhaps too technologically incompetent to use TinEye, used TinEye and shared with the poster the information that this picture is from the Obama era and is simply Border Patrol processing central American immigrants at the border.


Yes, the child is clinging to her mother (actually I suspect sister, but never mind) as toddlers do when faced with a stranger. It doesn’t mean that the kid is particularly scared of the officer, or that she’s being separated or any of that crap.

To my friend’s surprise, her comment telling the poster the true origins of the photo was deleted, and the inflammatory post was left up.

I will do a post later on perverse incentives, bringing your kids into a country where they’ll be “illegal” and be encouraged to think of themselves as victims and other issues.

I’ll be frank with you, I’m not even absolutely sure that Trump is separating kids from their parents at the border. You see, I’ve been finishing overdue work and dealing with a double ear infection and even political junkies take a break sometimes. And now I’m afraid to look because most of what I’ve read is bilge from the left.

I hope he is, because it’s really strong deterrence and we need all sorts of deterrence. Also, we’ll look into the judgment of Solomon as a guide for our times.

But right now I just want to call your attention to that hashtag and site: #NaziUSA.

Really? Really?

As we all know, the terrible crimes of Hitler consisted of separating children from parents who were trying to drag them illegally into Nazi Germany, that magnet for illegal immigration worldwide, right?

No? Well, then I got nothing.

Because you can see scenes like the one depicted at borders all over the world, and yes, many countries would separate kids from the parents, that is if they didn’t send the kids into Third World jails with their parents.


So, why the Nazi comparison?

I don’t think there has been a single elected Republican president in my lifetime that the left wasn’t absolutely convinced was Hitler come again.

Which is stupid. George Bush was a soft socialist, but Hitler was not soft on socialism.

Sure, Nazis were nationalists and Republicans are the relatively nationalist party. Not being actively ashamed of your country and trying to protect it is not precisely nationalism. Trust someone who was born and lived till about 10 under a national socialist regime. True nationalism involves a narrative on how your people are the bestest ever and have always dominated the world. I challenge you to find such a narrative, even in our school books. Furthermore, Nazis were nationalists in a definitely blood-and-soil way, including all the myths of the Aryan race. (National socialists in Portugal were very proud of the “Portuguese race” or “Lusitanians.” Lusitanians were one tribe in ancestral Portugal, and as for the “Portuguese race”… Portuguese have a race. It’s called “Mutt.”)

Leaving aside ideological differences, I haven’t heard of Republican presidents in my lifetime trying to confiscate all guns to make the populace defenseless and pliable to agents of the government. Yeah, an American president went so far as to try to concoct an international incident to turn public opinion in the U.S. for gun confiscation, but look, first, he was an internationalist, and second, despite his tendency to the same soft-crony-capitalist approach to socialism as Hitler, I don’t think it’s fair to say that Obama was Hitler. His expressions always reminded me of Mussolini (hence my nickname for Obama: Il Douche), but Benito Mussolini was a man who spoke several languages and was following the accepted doctrines of governance of his day, while Obama was a man who spoke teleprompter and was following doctrines that have not only been discredited, but have left a trail of corpses throughout history.


Sure, the Patriot Act is an abomination, but you know who illegally listened in on American citizens and tried to influence an election… yeah, Obama.

Snark aside, there really aren’t any Nazis. Certainly not in the U.S. Sure, there are some Live-Action Reich Players with tiki torches, but if you think those are really Nazis you probably also think the young Hegelians club at your local high school (I don’t know… it existed in my kids’ school) are real communist revolutionaries poised to take over the world, instead of rather sad misfits doped by their teachers and indoctrinated into searching for a false paradise.

Even so, because Nazis were so decisively defeated, there are very few pretend-Nazis. Maybe a couple of thousand in the whole country when we separate out the FBI agents who infiltrate their cells. In a country of 300 million, that’s a risible minority. There are probably more one-eyed-lesbians-attracted-to-manatees.

There are a few more authentic Nazis in Germany, but that’s something else again and it would take a whole article to go into.

Communists, socialists and custard head communitarians, though? That we’re up to our collective asses in.

The reason is simple: the atrocities committed by Nazis were widely reported in our press and are in history books. But when the iron curtain was pulled aside and the atrocities of communists revealed, communists and their sympathizers were so far ensconced in our academy and news reporting that the crimes of the communists were not fully reported. Yes, at least some schools teach Holodomor, but also with the excuse that “it’s not real communism” and “real communism has never been tried.” Despite the fact that socialism and communism wherever they’re tried (and socialism was always “a way to communism” and taught as such in socialist countries) cause misery in proportion to how much they’re applied.


And yet, they flourish and a belief in socialism is now so prevalent on the U.S. left that Hillary thinks the cause of her defeat was admitting to being a capitalist. (She’s not and it wasn’t, but that’s … a long story.)

At the same time, with the rise and entrenching of socialist-communist ideas on the U.S. left, the panic about Nazis has risen.

While the left called Reagan a Nazi, they never tried to claim he was going to round up every social and sexual minority into camps on the night he was elected. Or if they did, there were fewer of them, so it wasn’t everywhere at once.

But they did claim that of Trump: they said there would be camps.

In fact, the only one to reference camps in the campaign was Hillary. I don’t know what Adult Fun Camps are, but I know the left’s tendency to euphemism and also that Bill Ayers thought people like me should be re-educated or shot, so I wasn’t going to take a risk on that one.

I was told by numerous, not visibly insane friends and acquaintances on election night that Trump would start rounding up minorities within the month.

When it didn’t happen, did it calm down?

Oh, heck no. They ramped it up. Antifa — supposed to be anti-fascists, while acting like brown-shirts — rampaged in the streets. Students are encouraged to prevent “fascist” speakers (like, you know, Jordan Peterson, who encourages you to clean your room) from speaking, and there are sites like NaziUSA.

All while Trump reduces regulations and not a single person is imprisoned to cover the regime’s ass, like, say, a filmmaker that the regime decided to blame for attacks on our embassies abroad… under Obama.


So, what is going on?

What is going on is that, taught in schools or not, the knowledge that communism/socialism is a disaster has permeated our collective subconscious. And the idiots still pushing it are bitter, horrible people who want camps and executions… for their opponents. The fact that they’re convinced there’d be paradise once we’re gone does not excuse them. A hundred million broken eggs and not a single omelet.

So they must resurrect the ghost of the Nazis because it’s the only regime ugly enough to justify their othering of us, and their wanting to kill us.

They look through the hatred in their eyes and see the ghosts of Nazis on our side. But it is their side that keeps those ghosts alive, as justification for what they want to do to us.

Nazis don’t exist, except in the hearts of socialists, who need them desperately to excuse the mass murders they intend to commit.

It’s time for the left to face the fact they’re using Nazis as a shield. And that when the only people you can point to that are worse than you are the Nazis, it’s time to abandon your dead-end philosophy.


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