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Soros-Backed Baltimore State's Attorney Indicted for Brazen Fraud Scheme

Soros-Backed Baltimore State's Attorney Indicted for Brazen Fraud Scheme
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Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby was one of the first local prosecutor candidates to receive support from organizations backed by billionaire socialist George Soros. She easily won her 2014 election and has since wreaked havoc on criminal justice in Baltimore.

Violent crime in the city has skyrocketed. Since she was sworn into office, homicides, rapes, aggravated assaults, burglaries, and robberies in the gritty city have exploded.

Soros realized that Mosby and other local prosecutors were the gatekeepers to the American criminal justice system. He supported local prosecutors in a dozen U.S. cities—including Kim Foxx in Chicago, Chesa Boudin in San Francisco, George Gascon in Los Angeles, Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, and Kim Gardner in St. Louis—with travel expenses and other support funneled through a group called Fair and Just Prosecution, a project of the Soros-backed Tides Foundation. The changes wrought by these radicals have led to massive increases in violent crime and unlivable cities.

[Editor’s note: Alex Navarro-McKay, a spokesman for the Soros-backed Justice and Public Safety PAC, reached out to PJ Media to deny that Soros has supported Mosby and Boudin. “Mr. Soros has not—directly or indirectly—backed or supported or contributed to Ms. Mosby,” he said. “Mr. Soros has not—directly or indirectly—supported Boudin.]

Mosby was the golden child of the left in Maryland. She is married to the Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby and she appeared on her way to bigger and better things.

But Mosby now stands indicted on charges of perjury and making false statements to fraudulently obtain cash to buy property in Florida.

It seems that Mosby had the temerity to plead poverty during the pandemic and lie about her income in order to withdraw cash from her city retirement account.

Baltimore Sun:

Mosby, 41, is charged with falsely claiming to suffer financial hardship from the coronavirus to obtain an early withdrawal from her retirement savings to purchase the homes. In addition, federal prosecutors allege she lied on a mortgage loan application by hiding an outstanding federal tax debt. And they accuse her of entering into an agreement to rent out a home she bought in Kissimmee, near Disney World, while at the same time promising not to rent the property — all to obtain a lower interest rate.

The cloud of indictment has loomed over Mosby for nearly a year, since federal prosecutors issued subpoenas in March for a wide range of financial records from her and her husband, City Council President Nick Mosby. Marilyn Mosby is now charged with four felonies that could bring prison time, even as her election for a third term looms in June.

The dollar amount may not be epic. But the brazenness of the scheme is breathtaking.

The indictment alleges Marilyn Mosby sought a $40,000 withdrawal from her city retirement account in May 2020, citing financial hardship she had experienced due to the pandemic. In fact, her salary that year had increased by $10,000 to $248,000, according to the charges.

“Mosby had not experienced adverse financial consequences stemming from the coronavirus as a result of ‘being quarantined, furloughed or laid off’ or ‘having reduced work hours’ or ‘due to lack of childcare’ or ‘the closing or reduction of hours of a business I own or operate’” — all prerequisites for obtaining the loan, which Mosby attested to under penalty of perjury, federal prosecutors wrote in the indictment.

Yes, but they’re only little lies, right? Mosby has a press conference scheduled for later today and you can imagine that her strategy would take one of two tacks. Either she throws herself on the mercy of the voters — unlikely but possible — or she will claim her husband, the city council president, did it all and she was only doing what she was told.

After all, she’s just a woman. What does she know about financial stuff?

Seriously, if she’s smart, she’ll keep her mouth shut and let her lawyer do all the talking. She may have to resign but at least she has a chance to stay out of jail.

This story has been updated to include a comment from the Justice and Public Safety PAC and to clarify the nature of Soros’ ties to Mosby. 


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