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House Republicans Skewer Biden's 'Pathway to Bankruptcy'

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

The Republican Study Committee, the most influential conservative group in Congress, has issued a critique of Joe Biden’s $6 trillion budget, criticizing Biden’s provisions on abortion, tax hikes, and the welfare state. They have issued a new document, obtained by Fox News, that contrasts Biden’s spendapalooza budget with the RSC’s own, far more modest proposal, that would balance the budget in five years.

“When these two budgets are placed side by side, voters are going to see the RSC budget reflects American values and casts a vision for a responsible, limited government,” Rep. Jim Banks (R-Ind.), chairman of the RSC, told Fox News. “On the other hand, the Biden budget shows Democrats are hard-charging toward a socialist vision for this country.”

The Republican Study Committee is circulating the side-by-side comparison between Biden’s budget and its own previously released budget so members can present a clear contrast to voters at home during their two-week recess from Congress. The choice is between a  “pathway to bankruptcy and inflation” under Biden or “fiscal stability” under GOP governance, the RSC says.

The RSC memo divides both budgets into seven key areas to give voters a comparison on issues like taxes, senior entitlement programs, healthcare and social issues.

The side-by-side comparison brings the ideological differences between the two parties into stark relief.

On abortion, for instance, the Biden’s budget “double down on the Left’s pro-abortion agenda” whereas the GOP vision is the “most pro-life budget ever,” the memo says. The Biden budget “dramatically expands the welfare state” compared to the RSC budget that is focused on “promoting work.” The Biden budget “never balances” and hikes taxes whereas the RSC budget “balances in 5 years” and cuts taxes, the memo says.

The dueling budgets have little chance of becoming law but outline grander priorities for each party of their priorities and vision for the country. Biden’s $6 trillion budget pushes a sweeping economic agenda to dramatically expand the government-funded social safety net, while driving up debt held by the public to the highest levels since World War II.

The Biden budget does more than just spend a lot of money. It vastly expands the power of the federal government at the expense of states, families, and individuals. It’s the most radical document to be seriously considered by any Congress in 100 years. It’s the most sweeping power grab by the federal government in history and is directly contradictory to the intent and desires of the Founding Fathers who feared, above all else, the concentration of power in the hands of a national government.

Their nightmares have been realized. And conservatives, charged with maintaining the spirit and intent of the Constitution, are failing.

The fact is, precious few Americans care about their Constitution and its limits on power. The left sees our founding document as an impediment to achieving “social justice.” What did a bunch of rich old white racists who lived 250 years ago know about America’s problems today?

It’s not what they knew about modern problems. It’s what they knew of human nature and the need to diffuse the power available to the government to prevent one faction from dominating the rest. All of these “impediments” liberals complain about — the First and Second Amendments, the filibuster, the arcane and sometimes bothersome details of governance that slow what’s considered “progress” down to a crawl — these were all envisioned to prevent radical change from taking hold. The Founders anticipated “The Terror” of the French Revolution and wanted nothing more than to prevent that kind of madness from reaching our shores. And it can only happen with an all-powerful federal authority.

Joe Biden wants to take America into uncharted waters without a map, without a compass, and with no idea how the radical changes he proposes will play out. That’s reason enough to send his $6 trillion budget to hell and tell his Democratic colleagues where they can shove it.